6 Fascinating Things You Can Do In Mount Elbrus

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some people like to sing, dance, adventure, or shop. And usually they will spend their vacation time doing their hobbies. And for those of you who have a hobby of adventure, then exploring nature must be your hobby. And you must be very interested in exploring the beauty of the […]

7 Facts About Mount Elbrus – The Highest Mountain in Europe

It’s endless if we talk about Russian nature. All landscapes are available there. Beautiful beaches, amazing karst caves, charming spits, beautiful forests, and mountains that truly fascinate. Besides Maly Semyachik Volcano, which is quite popular, Russia also has another stratovolcano volcano that is no less impressive. Namely Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Mount […]

7 Interesting Facts About Uzon Caldera in Kamchatka, Russia

The landscape always makes us amazed by its beauty. Sometimes beautiful landscapes are created from extraordinary natural disasters. Like volcanoes, beaches and caldera are beautiful landscapes that are very popular. They are created from disasters that are sometimes very powerful. And Russia always has interesting landscapes to discuss. And even makes us want to immediately […]

10 Facts You Need To Know Before Going To Kungur Ice Cave in Perm Krai, Russia

Almost in every corner of Russia there are varied natural beauty. It’s endless if we discuss the beauty of Russia. Various landscapes are there and have received recognition from the world. Starting from the unique cliffs of Lena Pillars, the second longest Spit in the world is the Curonian Spit, Putorana Plateau, and many more. […]

10 Things You Should Know About Virgin Komi Forests, Russia

Russia is the largest country with all its natural beauty. This is what attracts the interest of foreign tourists and becomes a pride for the Russian people. The beauty of nature in Russia is also well guarded by the government and the local community. So that a lot of Russian landscapes are included in the […]

12 Amazing Facts You Must Know About Putorana Plateau Of Russia

Russia always presents various kinds of very interesting destinations to visit. Such as rivers, national parks or mountains. No wonder, Russia is one of the countries that many people want to visit. And Russia is one country that has a variety of unique landscapes and authenticity. One of them is Putorana Plateau. Putorana Plateau is […]