Mars in the Urals; Let’s Come to Sverdlovsk Region in Yekaterinburg 

Russia’s fourth biggest city does not exaggerate its significance with fabulousness and excitement. Yekaterinburg, rather, kicks back and lets its pedigree reel you in. Canny agents and investors have been coming there for quite a while, but recently, holidaymakers are stopping by as well, regularly to break up their Trans-Siberian voyage and investigate the Ural […]

3 Beautiful Facts That You Need to Know About Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains of Russia is one of the oldest mountains in the world. Its age reached 300 to 250 million years old. Through the time, there were some erosion that cause lowering of its surfaces. Ural Mountains itself span 2,500 kilometers. It is known as the boundary between Europe and Asia. This mountain range […]

6 Mysteries Surrounding Ural Mountains That You Must Know

Previously, you have learnt about 5 surprising things in Ural Mountains. You read many things about its height, range and age. Yes, it is an ancient range of mountains that becomes a boundary between Asia and Europe. You also learn about the fact that it is rich in vitamins and the place where “never-ending winter” […]

7 Endemic Animals That Live in Ural Mountains

After knowing several facts and surprising things in Ural Mountains, you have to know about 7 animals that live in Ural Mountains. 1. Wolverine Wolverine also refers to carcajou, glutton, quickhatch, or skunk bear. It is the largest animal in the family of Mustelidae that lives on land. Due to its size and strength, it resembles small bears […]

5 Surprising Things in Ural Mountains

Ural Mountains are a range of mountains that lay from north to south from the west part of Russia. It precisely starts from the coast of Arctic Ocean to Ural River and northwest part of Kazakhstan. According to the map, the Urals are considered as a border that separate Europe and Asia. Moreover, the Urals are categorized as a […]