Beautiful Places In Russia People Rarely Visit

Russia owns some of the most beautiful places in the world. Who doesn’t know about the famous landmarks in Red Square and the architectural beauties of St Petersburg? Those are two must-see places for foreign tourists. You will surely find them in the itinerary, whenever you sign up to any Russia tour group packages. However, […]

10 Place You Should Visit In Russia to See The Beautiful Scenery

Hello friends, now we want to explore Russia with you. Have you known some cities in Russia? Russia is the largest country ,though. It is a bit difficult to find the beauty in a largest country and most of all there’s nuclear anyway. But, now we want you to know more the beauty of Russia. […]

Don’t be afraid! Here are 4 Reasons Why You Must Live in Russia

Along with rapid communication technology development nowadays, it’s easy to get any information about a particular country. However, we can get the wrong ideas from how the media portrays it along with any political agendas. Massive media exposure can shape our minds on how nice or bad a country is without giving a wider point […]

6 Most Scenic Village in Russia For You to Visit

Going to Russia for vacation is exhilarating. Either go to big cities looking to pick up a girl or study their history in the ancient old town. Decide your goal before coming to Russia, it has many places you could visit depend on your purpose for travel. If you wish to enjoy their nightlife, then go to […]