Do You Want To Get New Experiences About Automobiles In Russia? Let’s Visit Togliatti!

When we are talking about Russia, the first thing comes up in our mind is vodka. The word ‘Vodka” is the short version of “Voda”, a Slavic word which means water. This is a good description of how Russians drink vodka, they drink it like water. Russians enjoy vodka with many kinds of dishes, such […]

7 Best Russian Apartments, Would You Like to Rent or Buy One?

Moscow, as one of the biggest cities in Russia, is inhabited by around 146 million people. It has become a very crowded place where all the businesses happen. Around 99% Russians who live in Moscow stay in apartments because it is more effective and they can choose buildings that are closer to work, school, markets, […]

8 Cities in Russia With Highest Average Salary

For everyone planning to move to Russia, they will need to find a job there. Besides the cost of living, average income is also an important deciding factor when choosing a city to reside. Income indicates how developed a city is in term of economy. And it’s also a good indicator of how well companies […]