6 Difficulties Foreign Women Experience While Live In Russia

foreigners women in RussiaLiving in a developed country may be a dream for most people. One of the developed countries in the world is Russia. Apart from being famous for its sophisticated weapons, Russia is also famous for its attractive tourist attractions in Russia. You can see the beautiful taiga, the amazing lake Baikal, to ancient European-style buildings such as the Heritage Museum, and many more. Have you ever thought of living in Russia? If you are a woman, you will encounter some difficulties when deciding to stay in this country. Here are 6 Difficulties Foreign Women Experience While Live In Russia :

1. Adjustment to Russian culture

The culture of each country is different. Indonesian culture must be different from Russian culture. To learn about this culture, you can read articles on the internet or find out through your friends or relatives who understand about Russia. Adjusting to the culture of other countries is something that cannot be done immediately. You will find this difficulty when living in Russia. For example, small things like smiling. If you are an Indonesian, the habit of smiling to greet in a public place even though you don’t know each other is normal. But if you are in Russia, giving a smile to an unknown person can be a strange and unusual thing.

2. Must work hard

The average Russian is a hard worker. It does not depend on whether you are male or female, if you decide to stay in Russia, you also have to work hard. When compared with the rupiah exchange rate, the ruble rate is not as high as the US dollar or singapore dollar. That’s why to get a lot of income, you have to work in a good place in Russia. Job problems, more or less the same as in Indonesia.

3. Must be able to cook

Russian women are women who are well educated by their families. They have skills as ancient women, one of which is cooking. If you live in Russia, of course you can’t lose to genuine Russian women, you have to be good at cooking. Moreover cooking makes spending more efficient. You will be able to raise more money if you take the time to cook your own food.

4. It’s hard to get a partner

It’s no secret that there are more Russian women than the number of men in Russia. That is one reason many women have more partners. Though Russian women are very beautiful women, even including the most beautiful women in the world. Besides being beautiful, they are also hard workers, and are good at managing a house. Are you ready to compete with perfect Russian women? Be prepared for a long time in finding a partner if you live in Russia.

5. Must be smart

If you live in Russia for school, the you must be smart. Russian women are well educated. Their education department cannot be ignored. Many Russian women study engineering and electricity. Because gender equality in education, makes Russian women not be outdone by men for education problems. If you want to be a woman in Russia who is valued enough, then you must be a smart person.

6. Russian men like to drink

Almost no Russian man does not drink. If you have found a Russian male partner, you must accept the shortcomings of drinking. Russian men generally enjoy vodka in their spare time. In fact, many of them are addicted to alcohol. That is why Russian men do not live long. One of the reasons that makes the number of Russian men less than the number of women.

7. You have to dress up

Russian women are synonymous with perfection. Russian women always pay attention to appearance. They will not leave the house without make up, even though they actually have natural beauty. Even to go to the minimarket with houses, Russian women wear stylish clothes. If you live in this country, don’t expect you to be free anywhere with a innocent face without make up. Because Russians will see you as a dirty person and don’t pay attention to your appearance.

8. You must master Russian

Russians are famous for high nationalism, just like Japan and Korea. So they will use Russian in their daily lives. If you want to live in Russia, of course you have to master Russian. English in Russia is not very popular even though the country borders Europe. In addition, the Russian language makes it easier for you in association. To learn Russian this is probably the difficulty for some non-Russian women. There are the best ways to learn Russian free.

Thats all 6 Difficulties Foreign Women Experience While Live In Russia. How, do you still want to live in Russia? If you still want to live in Russia, learning Russian now is a must. Actually Russian is easy because it doesn’t use to be like in English. Living in Russia trains you to be a tough woman but still beautiful. Because that is the excellences of Russian women to remain attractive to any man.

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