Find Anything You Need In These 5 Russian Stores

Almost every country has their own favorite or well-known chain stores that people would instantly recognize; like Walmart to the USA, Super Indo to Indonesia, Tesco to the UK, and so on. Things have changed and that includes how people need their daily supplies to be met more quickly and effectively. This, then, slowly makes the popularity of convenient stores increased and, in some countries, more preferred rather than the traditional markets. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Hygiene. Compared to traditional markets, convenient stores offer way better cleanliness both for the place and the products.
  • Fixed price. It’s true that traditional markets allow buyers to compare prices from one stall to another to let them find the best product with the lowest price, but sometimes this feels like too much hassle. People, then, don’t mind store’s higher price but with guaranteed quality.
  • More than just shopping. Stores today would usually give extra services and promotions like discount, buy 1 get 1 for free, and a lot more interesting offers.
  • A one-stop shopping place. People choose convenient stores because they can usually get all they need or look for just in one place. From fresh vegetable to medicine, beauty products to meat, and more. A definitely good cut to the draggy shopping time.

Just like in any other big countries, Russia also has its own favorite chain stores that provide the Russians’ daily needs. Although there are so many stores in Russia, here are the 5 most-known stores in the country where you can find anything you need:

1. Pyaterochka (Пятёрочка)

It means ‘little five’ and you can easily spot the store from the red 5 logo over the top of the building. This store can be found everywhere across Russia and the first chain was opened in 1999. Now there are already 12,000 chains of it all over the nation with 800 of them in Moscow alone. Even though each store is relatively small, but it has everything starting from fresh produce to snacks and bottled drinks with all prices cut – based on the concept of the store which is discount shop. Pyaterochka is a modern store that can be accessed through smartphone application and website, make it even more convenient for people to find a chain’s location, check the available stock, discount, and even make an online order to have the goods delivered home. Just exactly the way buyers love it today.

2. Magnit (Магнит)

You might have guessed what the name means; yes, it is ‘magnet’ in English. Founded in Krasnodar in 1994, Magnit is actually a retailer brand divided into convenience store, hypermarket, cosmetic store and family store. More than 12,000 of Magnit stores are now spread around Russia although in Moscow it is still outnumbered by Pyaterochka. What special about this chain is it has its own brands that range from dairy products, tea, coffee, to household goods. Magnit also has its mobile application for buyers to check available stock, store location, and information on discounts and events. The trading colors of this chain store are red and white.

3. Perekrestok (Перекресток)

This supermarket chain is actually under the same company as Pyaterochka which is X5 Retail Group. It has fewer stores, though, around 550 around Russia with 360 of them located in Moscow. Perekrestok means ‘crossroads’ and physically bigger than Magnit or Pyaterochka with larger product range. The wide and open front feels welcoming and the first look of it would suggest you that it is a nice family supermarket where you can find everything you need. The dark green facade gives a calming and cool vibe to make people shop at ease. They also provide online shopping service from 8:00 to 24:00 everyday with no weigh limit. The website and mobile phone are ready and always updated for the latest catalogue. Its tagline – there is everything that you love! – tells you why you should choose Perekrestok.

4. Bahetle (Бахетле)

Most of convenience store chains are big and placed a huge number of their stores in Moscow, but this one is different. Bahetle is originally from Tatarstan and can mainly found in Kazan. Muslima Latypova founded this chain store in 1991 and has been available in Moscow since 2006. Bahetle is Kazan’s number one and most popular supermarket, known for its fresh homemade food. Twenty four stores are opened to meet the needs of Muscovites and people of Tatarstan. What special about Bahetle is that 40% of the most bought items from the store are ready-to-eat food freshly made everyday. People love its special corner that sells traditional Tatarish pastries also the deli with its fresh salad, fish, meat, and cheese. Muslims can shop halal food here at ease.

5. Dixy (Дикси)

Founded in 1992, Dixy is based in Moscow and Russia’s third biggest food retail company. The stores are spread around the country, but mostly located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Dixy sells all of daily groceries making it a one-stop place for daily necessities. It has no mobile application or online shopping service, but the website is always helpful with updated and downloadable catalogue also store locator.

Grocery shopping in Russia is easy and convenient. When you live in Moscow, you don’t have to worry about daily necessities because so many stores are spread around the city to meet your need. It could be tricky for foreigners, though, because the products use Russian alphabet on the packaging. But it should not be a matter because now there are smartphone applications that would allow the users to instantly translate Russian words only by scanning it. So, go ahead and try shopping in one of the 5 Russian stores we have discussed above to find anything you need while you’re in the country.

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