5 Facts You Need to Know about Russian Drivers

Russia actually doesn’t have a good reputation for its drivers and traffic conditions. We can easily find short videos on Youtube of unbelievable traffic accidents in Russia, from cars’ collisions until the fight between drivers. In 2010, the statistics showed that more than 2000 people killed in traffic accidents. The good news is, Russian governance […]

8 Ideas Of Doing Short Adventure In Russia

What are people looking for when on vacation outside? Of course natural scenery such as the sea, beaches, mountains and forests. Or culinary tours that are unusual and appetizing. But what is it, just that? The answer is no, if you intend to “visit” to Putin’s country. There are many exciting adventures and tourist attractions […]

Top 9 Beautiful Places In Russia That Worth To See!

Every region in the world has an interesting side. So is Russia. Russia has a special natural landscape because of the location is directly adjacent to the North Pole. Because of the vast territory, Russia has a unique characteristic for travelers. One of them is a very varied natural situation. Russia has polar fields in […]

6 Best Shopping Place In Russia That You Must Visit

Russia has many interesting places. Starting from the amazing natural attractions in Russia, to the typical architectural buildings in Russia that are very charming. In addition, some cities in Russia has distinctive festivals that allow us to see the beautiful Russian culture. One of the famous festivals is Russia’s victory day parade. In addition, Russia […]

7 Natural Wonders In Russia That Will Stun You!

Being a country in the northernmost part of the Earth, Russia has tremendous natural wealth. There are snowy parts of Russia, others are grass-landed. This diversity causes Russia to be suitable for nature tourism. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a view of snow-capped mountains, that’s one of the features you’ll see in Russia. […]

The Difference Between Где and Куда

There are two questions that have a similar meaning to asking the place in the Russian language. Those words are где and куда (Where?). Are you familiar with these words? So what’s the difference between где and куда? You can find the answer by reading the explanation and also the example below. Где Где is […]