5 Famous Nightclubs for a Unique Night Sensation in Moscow

New night clubs are constantly opening in Moscow, each of which claims to be the best. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for nightlife lovers to choose one due to the positive reviews. There are some pointers to help to choose the clubs that would fit your taste, though. First of all, guests of nightclubs are […]

A Comparison of Living in Russia and Living in America 

As clearly implied on the title, in this occasion, we will cover a quick comparison of living in Russia and living in America for you. To start with, let us go with the brisk summary. If you centre your life around making money, life is better in America. If you need the feeling of freedom, […]

Russian Lifestyle: What It Feels Being A Local

If we talk about lifestyle, of course there are many things that can be discussed. Lifestyle will adjust to where we are. We just need to try to be able to easily adapt to the lifestyle. As we know, every country has a different lifestyle. There are many factors that can affect lifestyle changes in […]