7 Best Russian Apartments, Would You Like to Rent or Buy One?

Moscow, as one of the biggest cities in Russia, is inhabited by around 146 million people. It has become a very crowded place where all the businesses happen. Around 99% Russians who live in Moscow stay in apartments because it is more effective and they can choose buildings that are closer to work, school, markets, and other convenience places. People want as less time spent in the traffic as possible, because it is tiring and stressful – Russia has quite horrifying traffics, by the way. So, living closer to the city center is a better choice for most of the Muscovites. Buying a house and living in the suburb is a luxury, because it means having a place to relax in every weekend after a hectic week in the city. Some of these houses are very beautiful too, but not quite suitable for people who need to commute.

As time changes, so does human’s needs. People choose places to stay based on what they see important for their daily convenience; whether it’s distance, facilities, neighborhood, and many more variables. There are hundreds of apartments around Russia you can choose from, and here are 7 of the best ones to take a look into in case you need to rent or buy one.

1. Yamskoy Posad

Located in Kazan, this apartment is located right in the heart of the city around 1 kilometer from Peter and Paul Cathedral. The one bedroom apartment has a bar, fully equipped kitchenette, lounge, and Wi-Fi. The view outside the big windows is amazing and popular spots such as Marcani Mosque, Kul Sharif Mosque and Kazan Federal University are in walking distance. No need to worry about meals and groceries since central market and large supermarkets are also very near to the apartment building. Another plus point from Yamskoy Posad is that it welcomes pets.

2. Bliznetsy Aparthotel

Located in Adler, Russia, Bliznetsy is only 15-minute drive away from the Adler-Sochi International Airport and 5-minute walk away from the Black Sea Coast, while the Yuzhnye Kultury Park is 50 meters away. The building offers studio apartments with terraces or balconies that would fit small families and perfect for couples. Other places near the Bliznetsy are supermarkets, cafes, bars, Mandarin shopping mall and Saint Sarkis Cathedral. Children can enjoy the playground provided in the compound.

3. Gorki Apartments Domodedovo

Ten kilometers away from Moscow Ring Road, Gorki apartment building will give you a classic Russian living experience. The building has been around for quite some time, and the interior of the apartments stay old fashioned but very comfortable for everyone. The size of each apartment unit is 35 square meters with one bedroom, dining area, kitchen area, and a bathroom. Barbecue facility is provided in case you want to invite people over for a party.

4. Sibgat Apartments

This is another apartment building in Kazan worth renting. As one of the most-chosen apartments in the city, Sibgat is known to be very clean, comfortable and safe. You can choose one of different types of apartments in the building; one-bedroom, with Kremlin view, two-bedroom, superior, or standard. Some of these units have living rooms and suitable for families with more than four people. Kazan Kremlin and Kul Sharif Mosque are about 2.5 kilometers away from Sibgat. Supermarkets, bars, cafes and restaurants are easy to find around the apartment building.

5. Dinastiya Apartments

Located high in the Caucasus Mountains, Dinastiya apartment lies on the Mzymta River bank in Krasnaya Polyana. All of the units are fully equipped studio type with balconies that give away panoramic view of the snowy mountains. The places near the apartments include Gornaya Karusel and Rosa Khutor ski slopes, central market, grocery shops, restaurants and cafes. The property also provides sauna facilities. However, there is no elevator in the building, so if you choose the higher floor, it might be quite a workout.

6. Grani Aparthotel

There are several types of apartment unit you can choose in the building; standard studio, superior studio, small studio, and studio with separate bedrooms. Located in Saint Petersburg, Grani apartments are modern, bright, and spacious – suitable for young families or couples. Parks, riverside, tourist attractions and other places of convenience are within walking distance. Very close to the city center, Grani building offers excellent views of the city that is so beautiful at night. This is definitely one of the best apartment buildings you can find in Saint Petersburg that a lot of people desire to reside in.

7. House 213

This is an apartment building located in Voronezh, a city on the Voronezh River in Southwestern Russia. House 213 is relatively new, fresh, spacious and clean. Since Voronezh is not really a big city, which means the traffic is not as horrifying as in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, distance is not really an issue. So, even though House 213 apartment building is not really in the center of the city, everything is still very convenient. It is a perfect place to live in since the neighborhood is quiet and there are not many units in the building.

Buy or Rent?

Living cost in Russia varies depends on the scale of the city. In places as big as Moscow and Saint Petersburg, things are more expensive including the mortgage of an apartment unit. Buildings in excellent locations would cost more than ones further from the city center. Most people who don’t plan to stay that long in Moscow would, naturally, rent simple apartments rather than investing in buying the units. The 7 of the best Russian apartments above, however, would be great properties to buy thinking people now can easily rent them on AirBNB and other websites for tourism purposes.

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