What Russian eat for their daily breakfast? Here are the answers

It’s a popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Scientists say breakfast prepares the human body to do activities after a long “fast” in the night. Even some studies linked breakfast to higher scores in school and better performance in work. Furthermore, breakfast is also linked to a habit of […]

5 Facts You Need to Know about Russian Drivers

Russia actually doesn’t have a good reputation for its drivers and traffic conditions. We can easily find short videos on Youtube of unbelievable traffic accidents in Russia, from cars’ collisions until the fight between drivers. In 2010, the statistics showed that more than 2000 people killed in traffic accidents. The good news is, Russian governance […]

7 Eating Habits Of Russian People That Will Amazed You

Culture is something that is considered a habit by certain circles. Every country must have a culture that is the identity of the country. And that culture influences someone in living their lives, even small things. One small thing that is part of culture is a habit. The habit of someone living in Russia is […]

Best Time to Visit Russia to See Fallen Autumn Leaves

If you ever wanting to enjoy the autumn season, then you must go to Russia during the period of September to late October. Why is the autumn so short in Russia? Well, it’s because of the location Russia is situated. Because of that, the longest season in Russia in winter. Even though there are not […]