4 Tasty Russian Foods Gross You Need To Taste

Everyone must love delicious food. However, everyone must have different tastes about food. Despite having different tastes, we always want to taste the taste of food from other regions. We really want to know how the food tastes and what the difference is with food in our area. Each region certainly has a special food […]

7 Must Known Facts Of Tasty Russian Napoleon Cake 

Among the many well known Russian dessert, there is Napoleon Cake that as tasty as the French version. In most celebrations and Russian holidays, you are bound to discover this sweet Mouthwatering Cake That You Can Only Find In Russia dinner table. The present-day Napoleon Cake has gone through some revolutionary that it has become a […]

What Russian eat for their daily breakfast? Here are the answers

It’s a popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal in a day. Scientists say breakfast prepares the human body to do activities after a long “fast” in the night. Even some studies linked breakfast to higher scores in school and better performance in work. Furthermore, breakfast is also linked to a habit of […]

5 Russian Contemporary Foods You Must Try When In Russia

Russia is really a paradise of cuisine. This country has various cuisines that are different from other country. As we know, Russia is one of the countries that are famous for its dishes especially anything with dairy product in it. Russia is also famous for its contemporary foods that are worth to try. What is […]