10 Yummy Russian Sweets that You Can’t Miss During Holiday

Sweet foods let you have a good mood. Enjoying sweets is best whenever you’re happy and it’d lift you up when you’re down. Well, there’s something called sugar rush, which proves how sweets can give you a boost of energy and mood. It’s a good food to enjoy along with friends and have a great time.

However, you can’t say you’re a sweet lovers if you never try yummy Russian sweets that you can’t miss. By you can’t miss, it’s really a must try whenever you get a chance. Are you planning to visit Russia soon? Then these sweets are a must for you to try beside most popular foods in Yekaterinburg Russia. If you haven’t got the chance to visit Russia, then you got to try make it yourself at home along with most popular Russian fish dishes that you can try at home. They’re just so good and addicting that you really have to know them and give a try.

Yummy Russian Sweets

Russian surely has Russian meat-based food that will make you eat with gusto, but, Russian sweets are also great and delicious. It’s that good that you won’t regret ever trying these hiddne gems that you should start recognize. But, what’s the point of good food if you don’t even know it’s existed? That’s why you got to know these yummy sweets that will fill your cravings right away. However, knowing will not get you to feel the taste and experience the gusto, so make sure you got yourself a chance to take a bite. Here are few of them that you should know :

  1. Pastila

Russian love enjoying a relaxing cup of tea along with snacks. Pastila might be one of the most favorite snacks that goes along so well with tea or coffee. It’s a Russian fruit confectionery that will make you get addicted even on your first try. Basically, it’s a fruit paste pressed into square size. The fruit that are turned into purée to make this are berries or apple. The other ingredients used are simply egg whites, honey, and sugar. Such an inexpensive ingredients that you can get easily. It’s a great food for fulfill your cravings while not being too much on the calories. It’s also a good option to give as a gift, perhaps taking it to friends’ house. Although it might not be so merry as best Russian food for party or celebration, it is still nice and simple to bring and share along with neighbors as well.

  1. Pryanik

Looking for nicely sweet baked goods? Pryanik is already waiting for you to taste. Traditionally, it’s made of flour and honey, but some people also prefer to use sugar. Another additional ingredients that people use is ginger, which usually made people refers pryanik as gingerbread. Aside from honey, ginger, and flour, there also goes eggs, margarine, cinnamon, and thick filling. This filling can be jam, caramelized milk, or even condensed milk. It will complete the whole texture that you’ll get from pryanik.

  1. Kovrizhka

A perfect mix of cinnamon and honey is right here in a bite of kovrizhka waiting for you to taste. This sweet is simply made by flour, soda, cinnamon, honey, and sugar. That’s quite a simple combination that will give you a classic, pleasing taste.

  1. Sushki

Looking for something crispy and crunchy instead of fluffy? Sushki can be a great option to fulfill your cravings for something crispy. This Russian sweet bread rings is the best friend for tea. You can find this in the homemade version or even store-buy one in the supermarket. Even though the ingredients used are so simple like flour, sugar, and egg, it’s still yummy. You’ll never get enough of this bite-sized food. Although it’s very thin about only half a centimetre, it will make you go extra miles for it.

  1. Chak-chak

Fried sweets, who says it can’t possibly be delicious and addicting? Chak-chak, is a simple Russian sweets that’s made by eggs and flour. It’s shaped into tiny pieces, looking like marble before goes to the frying pan. Once it’s done, then it will be piled together. The best part is about to come, which is the last glazing part. Hot honey which will definitely be sweet is poured over the top, letting each pieces stick together. A goodness in a bite, that’s what you’ll likely get from chak-chak. Since you also have dried this properly, it’s also likely to be crispy and crunchy.

  1. Churchkhela

You love nuts? Want to put them in your sweets while still being yummy and delicate? Then turn nuts of your choice into churchkhela. It’s one of Russian best confectionery made with nuts dipped into thick grape juice. However, that’s not all, it will have to put under the sun and let it dry for two weeks for the best result. Despite how long it takes, it’s worth the taste you’ll be getting. It’s just magnificent, a mixture of sweet and a bit of sourness match well with the crunchiness. It can also be a great way to eat your nuts in a delicious way. It’s definitely one of the yummy Russian sweets that you can’t miss.

  1. Baked apple

Actually, the reason why this dish ever invented is to make the apple sweeter. First of all, this healthy fruit is getting brushed with lemon juice and soaked in marinating liquid. The sauce usually consist of butter, wine, brown sugar, dried cherries, cinnamon, etc. This sauce will not only be on the outside as glaze, but also for the fillings of the apple. Simply bake this glazed apple and it’s ready for you to enjoy. Usually, it’s also served along with whipped cream or ice cream. What a delicious way to enjoy apple. Yum!

  1. Sweet soya bars

Ground peanut can be a great sweets, that’s something that this bars have proven. This Russian candy can be so addicting and that already happen since Soviet era. You can see it right away, that this bars is made of grounded peanut. Despite how great it looks and how wonderful it taste like, you got to be careful of its high calories content.

  1. Smokva

If you love fruit and want to enjoy it in another form, you can try smokva and decide your opinion on it later. Smokva is usually made by fruits such as apple, plums, or berries. These fruits are boiled until it’s quite smooth and mushy. Well, it’s called as fruit leather, anyway. Eating smokva will let you enjoy fruit in a whole different way so that you won’t get bored easily. Although this sweets isn’t as popular as how it used to in the past, it should never be forgotten. It’s still so good and delicious that everyone should try this at least once in their life.

  1. Kulich

This typical Christmas foods will remind you of the cold December night. When the lights on the Christmas tree are shining bright, it’s likely for you to see this bread. Kulich is a loaf of bread in a tall form decorated with white glaze. Sometimes, people would sprinkle something colorful on top of this tall bread. However, this bread is sometimes only enjoyed between Easter and Pentecost.

Enjoying sweets is the best cure that you can ever get. For sweet-tooth, you should never miss the most favorite dessert in Russian cuisine. Note down these yummy Russian sweets that you can’t miss in your bucket-list. Make them yourself or get yourself few of them and give it a try. Let yourself enjoy a wise portion of sweets and get your mood boost right away.

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