Why Does Kulebyaka Pie Always Be A Special Thing On Russian Christmas Day?

It is very well known that Russians are very generous in preparing meals. Whenever you are going to your Russian friend’s house, they will serve you with plenty amount of food. At the very least, you will find salt fish, meats, and different kinds of salads. There will indeed some of Russians’ popular food, such […]

Why is Kulebyaka Pie Considered a Special Thing on Russian Christmas Day?

Russians generally arrange a genuine banquet for Christmas and New Year. A visitor who visits his Russian friends will never return home hungry. There will be salt fish, meats, and various plates of mixed greens. Also, certainly, there will be popular Russian pirogi: rasstegays with rice and egg, vatrushkas with curds, and pirozhki with potato. […]

7 Famous Pies All Over Russia You Gotta Taste

Enjoying the sunset will be more fun if accompanied with pastries and a cup of tea or coffee. Pastries can also be used as snacks before lunch or dinner time. It also fits into a sweet and savory dessert. Among the many types of pastries, what kind of pastry do you like? Do you like […]

8 Kinds of Russian Piroshki That Should be tasted

Did you know that when you visit Russia there is a chance for you to have the same dish the whole day and for a full three-course meal too? Meet piroshki, the Russian hand pies that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner – as appetizers, main course, and desserts too. That is […]

Let’s Get to Know Russian Piroshki

When it comes to culinary, Russia offers a very wide range of traditional food and signature dishes. Some of them may taste and look quite challenging, while the others are quite familiar either because they have been known and well-spread around the globe or coming from the same family of dish – like blini that […]