Does Traditional Russian Clothes Suitable for Modern Era?

Fashion tastes in each country usually change with the times. These changes are frequently followed by people who always want to look fashionable. Are you one of them? But behind it all, there are also people who choose to use traditional clothing in the modern era like now. Because usually fashion tastes often spin. That […]

6 Color Codes of Traditional Russian Costumes

In many cultures, color holds a certain significance. A color symbolize something, and it’s different from one culture to another. It’s also the case in Russian culture. From red to black, each has a different meaning. Most people associate would Russia with red when it comes to color. And it’s with reason. Red in the […]

6 Best Cheap clothes store in Russia

Cheap clothes are not something you can really associate Russia with cheap clothes, it is in their nature to have expensive and timeless items. Russian people are not a fan of thrifty things, so cheaps clothes store is very few. You need to search high and low for finding any thrift store in the city center […]

What To Wear During Summertime In Russia

Summer in Russia usually takes place around June to August. The weather can be very hot and the temperature even reaches 40 ° C. For those of us who are bored with the hot weather it will definitely be very torturous. Russians love summer and sun. Because that’s when they can sunbathe and bathe in […]

3 Charming Appearance of Russian girls

After reading Reasons That You Must Date Russian Girl and Effective Steps of How to Date Russian Women, you might be wondering, what is so attractive about Russian girls? What are the charming appearance of Russian girls? Every girl has their own charm and beauty, but when it comes to appearance (fashion wise), this article can give you […]