15 Interesting Facts of Russia For Kids

facts of russiaRussia is one of the developed countries. Russian language also includes international languages. The country surrounds nine time zones and has communities with different ethnicities. Around 70 years Russia is the one of the Soviet Union. That is a super-communist state. Even Russia was the ‘king of evil’ at that time. Since the cold war between Russia and the United States that often happened nuclear war at that time.

Some children may still have prejudices that are not too pleasant when talking about Russia. This is because Russia is very famous for its sophisticated military weapons and a large country. This former communist country did not ceaselessly amaze the world with its nationalist attitude. Then what interesting facts about Russia can you give to children? If children have an interest in Russia from an early age, maybe they will have the desire to go to the superpower.  So the children has passion to learn Russian language. There are many advantages if we learn Russian language. Moreover, if the children learn Russian at an early age.

Here are interesting facts of Russia for kids to make them have interest in learn Russian language :

1. Russian State Area Exceeds Pluto

Pluto is a planet that far from the Sun. It is unexpected that Pluto’s area is not so large when compared with the Masha and the bear country, Russia. Russia’s area reaches 17M km2. 0.4M km2 is wider than Pluto which only reaches 16.6M km2.

2. Alaska was Russian territory

Before 1867, Alaska was still a part of Russia. But in 1867, the United States entered into a transaction with Russia for the purchase of Alaska. Finally, in that year the United States managed to buy Alaska from Russia for only 7.2 million US dollars.

3. The Oldest Plant in the World Grows in Russia

A Russian team found the storage of Silene stenophylla seeds, a native Siberian plant. The squirrel buried this plant near the Kolyma river embankment in the ice age. It is stated by the age detector that uses radiocarbon that the plant is 32,000 years old. So this plant is the oldest plant in the world.

4. Prison with dog guards

One of the most dangerous prisons in Russia empowers the Caucasia Mountain Shepherd dog as its guard. Its weight can reach 90 kg with a height of 1.68 m. The dog has a driving force that is equivalent to a .45 Caliber gun. This type of dog is indeed known as a dog that is able to distinguish between threats and disturbances. It is indeed considered an extreme dog that has an explosive attitude.

5. The Longest Railway in the World

Being a country with the largest area in the world. Making the country of Russia also has its own uniqueness in terms of the length of the railway line.

How unattractive if the Trans Siberian railroad in Russia is the longest in the world. This railway has a length of 9200 kilometers and stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok.

6. Have Super Fast Transportation

People in Russia love to travel using public transportation such as trains and buses. Not surprisingly, the departure schedule for trains in Russia is only intermittent every 90 seconds.

7. The second largest crude oil producer in the world

As a country producing crude oil, Russia was not inferior to countries in the Middle East. Because now Russia is a country with the second largest crude producer in the world. The first position is Saudi Arabia which produces up to 10.9 million barrels per day.

8. There is a biggest MC Donald’s Restaurant

Apparently Russia has a large McDonald’s restaurant in the world. This was evidenced by the availability of 700 seats for the visitors. Not enough, in 2012, Russia broke the record for the largest McDonald’s restaurant in the world by providing 1500 seats.

9. Free school

Almost similar to Indonesia. Russia also has a free school program. But in Russia this free school is divided into three stages: primary school, primary high school, and special secondary school. But this free education does not continue to the tertiary level.

10. Nuclear Power Submarine

Who do not know the greatness of the Russian State army? Precisely in the heyday of the Soviet Union. And the remnants of that glory still survive today. These include nuclear-powered submarines. With a speed of up to 56 km / h, Russian submarines are the fastest and most sophisticated submarines in the world.

11. The highest mountain in Europe

One of the other pride of the Russian population is the existence of Mount Elbrus. This mountain is the highest mountain in Europe. Elbrus is snowy mountain which has a height of up to 5600 meters. Many people do sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

12. There is an Asteroid Crater

Russian scientists claim that in Siberia, there are “billions of carats” of diamonds below. The existence of the crater was due to the fall of the asteroid Popigai Astroblem in the 1970s. This crater stretches for 100 km. According to scientists, this diamond can supply the diamond market industry for the next 3000 years and is valued at $ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.

13. Killer Lake

There is a lake in Russia that is very radiating and can kill you in just one hour standing near the lake. The lake was used as a place for radioactive material disposal in 1951. Pollution on Karachay Lake is the biggest pollution in the world. This lake was used as a place for radioactive material disposal in 1951 and in 1990. Standing nearby for an hour will give you radiation of 600 x-rays, more than enough to kill you.

14. Orange Snowfall

In 2007, people living in the small village of Pudinskoye, Siberia watched orange snow fall from the sky. The color of the snow varies from red to yellow but is mostly orange and foul smelling. The snow contains iron four times higher than the normal amount, as well as acids and nitrates. Scientists cannot find the main cause of this orange snow. Its because this region has become home to many polluting industries.

15. Military “Disneyland”

In Kubinka, Russia, the military “Disneyland” named Patriot Park, allows the public to access weapons, weapons systems, and even military vehicles. Real military visual simulators are also available to the public, as well as machine guns and hundreds of other weapons. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, this Patriot Park will instill a sense of patriotism and military courage in the souls of young people.

Thats all interesting facts of Russia for kids. Over time, the bad label changes. Russia, now is currently emerging as a semi-federal state republic of the presidency. Russian language is also one of the internationally recognized languages. But this country is an exclusive country because not many people know about the internal news of this country. Russia is smart to attract tourists to its military. They held a victory parade on Independence Day. Many unique facts about this military parade.

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