9 Facts about Russian autumn in Russia

Russia has four seasons and autumn is the busiest time of all. Russian autumn in Russia means many works to do during this short time when autumn comes after a long summer time. It is the beginning of the school year, therefore students are busy preparing for school. Food is harvested and preserved. birds ready to migrate to a warmer place.

Russian people love autumn, at least historically. Folklore stories and even cooking books describe Russian autumn of happiness and festivities. Autumn means harvest, and therefore it means food. Many foods make a lot of happy people. The weather may be rainy, dark and wet but with good food, it is enough to make people overjoy. Russian autumn is unique and different from other countries. Here are 9 Facts about Russian autumn in Russia.

  1. Russian autumn is brief

Summer in Russia is long and crowded with families going to the public places during the schools holidays. Autumn only come briefly, therefore you need to enjoy it while it lasted. Russian autumn in Russia started in September and ended in November. September when summer is gone and leaves turn golden. The weather is warm to enjoy the outdoor nature. The last berry tasted bitter and no more mushroom to gather. Parks and forest burst with colorful colors. November marks winter time and weather becomes unpredictable. Rains and suns come and go unexpectedly.

  1. Perfect time to visit Russia

Russian autumn is the best time to visit Russia. There are several reasons, why traveling to Russia is better in Autumn. Firstly, the weather is not too hot and too cold. Secondly, the low season, because Russian schools start in autumn, means fewer people in line and cheaper prices for almost everything. There are various places to spend your holiday during autumn, with a little research your stay can be amazing and affordable. Thirdly, Nice weather means bigger chances to enjoy Russian autumn outdoor. Lastly, Russian are busy harvesting making food for wintertime moreover, you have the chance to taste Russian amazing dishes. Low cost and free activities can also be done by enjoying autumn like Russian people.

The transitional season from summer and winter can make the weather unpredictable. Traveling to experience Russian autumn needs preparation and back up plan. Mostly to keep a positive attitude and have a nice time. If today rains heavily, you still have many options, including many indoor activities to do, seasonal autumn dishes to try and dances to learn.

  1. Autumn means great food

Russian food highly dependent on the available product during the seasons. The seasonal ingredient that only available in autumn, makes restaurant present their special dish during this time. You will be able to taste a different flavor, that you can’t get in other seasons. Russian autumn is also the only time to try Medovukha, a special drink made from honey and other famous autumn food.

Before refrigerator made it possible to preserve food for months. Russian autumn is the time for people to make homemade jams and getting ready to store and stacks food supply. Nowadays, appreciating food is performed by holding festivals, cooking class and introducing technology for preservation and harvesting.

  1. best time to get married

In the past, Russian wedding took place after harvesting in autumn and lasted for three days. In most wedding will involve dancing and the highlight is when the bride and groom danced together. Russian autumn creates a warm atmosphere with warm breezy winds and fallen leaves to tie the knot. Russian wedding is big fans of doing games and enjoying free-flowing wine and champagne.

Until today, many decide to have their special day during autumn seasons. It is a very short window to plan an autumn wedding, especially it is the popular time in Russia to hear the wedding bells.

  1. Russian autumn Outdoor Activities

Autumn is the best time to see fallen autumn leaves. Russian people flock to parks and riverside to have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful Russian autumn scenery. The flower falls, leaves turn colours and the weather is cool enough to go out in a light outfit.

Russian is famous for its grand buildings, the huge square, enormous parks, even the street are wide and decorated. Russian people will enjoy relaxing air and strolling through parks. There not many special events outdoor during this time of years, the overall activities evolved around appreciating and enjoying nature peacefully.

  1. The day is short and Night is Long

Daylight is shorter during autumn. Due to the position of Russia, people still see dark outside even the time say 10 in the morning. The long night is a perfect time to gather in parks to waltz, tango every evening on the embankment. Anyone can join in and even have a free dancing lesson. The informal dancing gathering only last after winter come.

  1. Russian autumn in the Dachas

Russian autumn in Russia is famous with gathering with family, eating together and enjoying the great outdoors. Russian people will use Dacha in the summer and autumn. Dacha is a second home, commonly located in the countryside. Families will visit their Dacha and enjoy the Russian autumn experience in the comfort of their home. During this time it is easy to find Russian people reading a book, painting, or tending their garden.

  1. Rasputitsa

Russian autumn is a time when the weather is unpredictable. When winter is almost in seasons, rains pour heavily and more frequent. Rasputitsa is a muddy season pointing out spring and autumn. During this time street, especially unpaved ones become difficult to use. It also means “lack of roads”. Travelers will need to prepare their trip and do some research before traveling in the unpaved road during this season.

  1. Russian Golden Autumn Festival

Russian autumn is the last warm celebration with farmers from all districts in Russia presenting their products, including, cheeses, fish, fruits and vegetables. The main venues of the festival are located in Moscow in public places include Revolution Square, Tverskaya square, Stoleshnikov Lane and many others.

The facts about Russian Golden autumn in Russia are a national event. Firstly decorations of pumpkin, colorful leaves, hays, and lantern are displays around the city. Secondly, people gathering eating blini and drinking Medovukha and remembering where the good food come from. Finally, songs and dances are held in small stages into a concert hall.

That’s all the fact about Russian autumn in Russia. A unique time where the weather is not too extreme enables people to enjoy the last warm before winter. It is in low season and still left some excitement after summer and suitable for low budget travelers. Most importantly autumn is time for great food which makes people gather and have a lot of fun.

If you should decide to experience Russian autumn in Russia, do your research about the weather, venue, tourist attractions and plan your visit carefully. In spite the autumn season tent to be warmer than winter, weather is always unpredictable, bring essential items to make your visit comfortable.

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