St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try

st peter styleSt. Petersburg, when you visit Russia this city will be your concern. St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city. The city is full of exotic buildings with extraordinary architecture. And people know St. Petersburg as a Russian fashion city. People in this city is very fashionable. They always perform well. The way they express themselves through dress. Therefore, St.Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try.

If you go to St. Petersburg the first thing you can notice is the style of clothing. You may be curious to follow their style. They are very careful in determining the details of fashion color choices. Fashion lovers at St.Petersburg prefer to combine color choices with classic design styles. This is not easy. But the results can be seen, the characteristic of fashion in St. Petersburg is very remarkable.

St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try, what about the choice of clothing styles that we can copy. St. Petersburg you can go on an adventure to treat your curiosity. Actually what is the condition in St.Petersburg. Before we enter the following fashion style at a glance about St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is one of the center of science, culture, industry in Russia. The city is very cold, in one year only 62 sunny days, the rest is foggy, snowy or rainy. Residents of St. Petersburg in dressing like classic colors. Usually gray and black. This is different, because it’s on St. Petersburg’s architectural style is colorful. This is very contrasting, but residents of St. Petersburg does have a characteristic in dressing.

And about the weather, on St. Petersburg can change many times a day. For that you also have to adjust, including in the style of dress. In hot weather, it can get very hot. Likewise during winter, it can be very cold, then suddenly heavy rain. And in the same day it can turn into snow or hail. What you have to adjust is that you prepare clothes that can anticipate weather changes. You must wear a jacket, scarf, carry a bag and raincoat. But all you have to combine so that it can be more stylish and fashionable. And the woman at St. Petersburg does the same thing. And they look fashionable and stylish.

1. Fashion is influenced by a long history

St. Petersburg has a long history. This city previously had the name Petrograd. And from 1924 to 1991 the name changed to Leningrad. Then after that it became St. Petersburg until now. This city is a city that is calm and full of harmony. And all city buildings with their architecture show this. For this reason, the fashion style is strongly influenced by this fact. People tend to choose soft and natural colors for their fashion.

People call St. Petersburg as a European window, in addition to its geographical factors also because it is a tradition of European countries that enter this city. One of them is the fashion industry. So on St. Petersburg in fashion is influenced by elements of European trends. Clothing styles that are dominated by black and gray make your own wedding and you will be even more curious.

2. The most influential fashion house

Tatiana Parfionova and Tatyana Kotegova are two famous fashion designers in St.Petersburg. this greatly influenced the development of fashion styles in St. Petersburg. Tanya Kotegova fashion house stands on St. Petersburg since 1995. Tatyana argues that St. Petersburg is a real fashion school. And indeed in St.Petersburk people can learn from facts. Where the modes there offer something unique. Classic style that is unbelievable. Full of harmony with fashion residents dominated by black and gray.

Style Tatyana Kotegova is dominated by black. He mostly wears black clothes. And this is indeed his favorite color. For the classic style Tatyana Kotegova can be a reference. Even fashion expert Alexander Vasilyev said that the Kotegova style can be compared to Christian Dior.

Please note that the work of the fashion house Tatiana Parfionova is very famous. In Paris, Milan, Beijing New York, and Montreal have displayed karyaya. Parfionova always says that Petersburg is a source of inspiration. He also said that the designers of St. Petersburg had great things in the form of independence, aristocracy and creativity in work.

3. Contemporary style in St.Petersburg

In addition to the classic clothing styles in St.Petersburg, you will also get a bolder style. Romantic contemporary style. You can get this beautiful Stas Lopatkin and Clothing Studio. Fine and conservative work wrapped in bright and modern work. You will get it in the studio. The Stas division provides a definition of his work as an approach to retrospectivism. Which is a blend of elegance and usability, modern combined with classic style. And a good color choice with a rope.

4. What about the feminine classic style

You will be increasingly curious about this one style model. Color choices are black, white and natural colors. Natural colors such as hemp, cotton or wool. Choose simple clothes decorated with pleats. This can be a skirt. To get this you can get this in the design of Oleg Biryukov. Oleg Biryukov is one of the fashion masters of St. Petersburg. Oleg Biryukov has a style that looks classic, feminine and elegant. This design is very beautiful and will make you even more charming.

This can be your inspiration. St. Petersburg fashion style that makes you curious to try. To get the best thing you can take the time to choose it. You should schedule your time for more adventure in St. Petersburg. But all the results you get will be commensurate with the costs incurred.

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