8 Things You Should Never Do On a Date with Russian Men

date with russian menHaving a relationship with your ideal type will give a hype feeling like a dream come true. Especially when you can finally find your lover after such a long waiting and struggling. You must feel that he is the right one, the one who can comfort you, protect and be your everything.

When your right one is from the same country which means the same culture, then it might not become problems to share the same goals and understand one another. What is more challenging than intercultural dating? Different country means you have to adapt with a series of difference; from lifestyle, habit, culture, and language.

Then how if a Russian Men have stolen your heart? Russian men are famous with their dignity, they are men with honour, quite easy going but hard to get. They can be easily impressed but at the same time very dismissive especially when you do not meet their kind of standard. Just like you have certain things to expect from them, they also expect things from you.

These are 8 things you – Russian women or who is not from Russia – should never do on a date with Russian men.

1. Don’t touch their face

Actually it’s not only for Russian culture, in many countries, touching someone in the face can be considered as rude. While you might consider it is a common way to express affection, Russian men do not see it as the way you think. To avoid such misunderstanding or negative vibe on your date, better try to touch the heart by making deeply eye contact to show how deep your love is.

2. Don’t joke about family

You can have conversation on a general topic such as weather, current activities, hobbies, etc. For breaking the ice, add jokes in your talking. But remember not to bring out a joke about Russian family, even their relatives. They cannot take it simple as you might usually do with your same culture boy friend. The important reason why is that this family topic is personal, do not dare to brag out the jokes of it.

3. Don’t be late

Being late is a very serious problem. Especially on your first date, remember that the first impression really matters on your next meeting. Its better and very important to be on time, every time and everywhere you have an appointment. Prepared for unexpected situation on your way, some tips might work; get ready and depart early if you usually find bad traffic on your way, bring umbrella and extra coat if the weather seems bad and get there by fastest and comfortable ride for making brighten up your special date.

4. Don’t pay the bills yourself

For those who see the equality is a must for every aspect of life, you must reconsider it. It is not right thing to do and never do on your date. Pay the bills or just share the amount of it is considered as ne muzhik” or “Not a Man”. Although you have more money or better earning, they will never let you pay for the meals. Whether they should beg, steal or even loan, it’s the basic typical of Russian men, you have no choice but to accept if you still want to maintain the smoothness of the relationship. The rules are also valid for movie tickets, opera show tickets, music concert and other date related. So enjoy it.

5. Pay attention to your dressing

There is word saying “you are what you wear”. That is the best word to describe someone personality. The first impression of someone is about outer appearance- how your dressing- which simply shows your character, then further about your personality. So with Russian men, their taste of fashion is high. They appreciate those women with simply basic dressing criteria; clean, neat and high quality, whether it is formal or casual look, try to follow the criteria. For example, better to come on date with something simple like clean jeans and shoes instead of tattered ones with old sneakers. Or come with outrageous high quality dress with stiletto.

6. Don’t be over independent

It is good to be independent women, doing such thing as carry heavy bag alone, fix the stuff at house which is easy, drive anywhere by self. But if you have Russian men as your pair, don’t let him just sit back and see what you do. They do believe that men are stronger than women. Therefore, Russian men believe that a man who watches a woman do something without helping her is rude or impolite. As the women, you must never try to argue or stop him, just enjoy being an honour lady on your relationship. The sweet gentle side of them for instance; carrying heavy items (and even ones that you could easily carry yourself), giving you his warm coat when it’s cold, picking the wine and pour it on a glass, fixing your stuff around the house, and so on.

7. Mind your manners

Always keep in mind that wherever you are and whoever you meet, manner is number one to show your culture. For Asian women who are well-known with their calm and warm personality, wherever they are, people always identify them as such label/ criteria. So, you have to apply this rule for dating your Russian men.

8. Don’t burp in public

Burp means the physical condition of human’s body in terms of releasing air from stomach to come out from the mouth with a noisy sound. You might still be normal human after all, but never do burp in public or fatally on a date with your Russian men. If the worst situation you can’t control to burp and it came out spontaneously, just keep quiet and don’t admit or make an apologize.

So that’s all the 8 Things You Should Never Do On a Date with Russian Men. Remember the tips if you really want your intercultural dating with Russian Men run well.

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