10 Best Selling Items in Russia That Worth to Buy

Have you ever wondered what Russian loves to buy? What are the products that can be separated into Russians daily life? Maybe you want to try some of the products as well. Or maybe you want to buy some to bring back to your country. Whatever your reason, we’ve listed 11 best selling items here as a helpful guide.

Best selling items in Russia are not only limited to distinctive Russian products such as vodka and fur.  Russian best selling items also can be an everyday item that also popular in other countries. After all, Russians, even they are unique with their culture and customs, they are like other people on earth. They love using smartphone too, for example. Smartphones are one of the best selling items here.

So here they are, 11 Best selling items in Russia:

1. Vodka & Shot Glasses (Stopki)

There’s nothing more representing for Russia than Vodka. Yes, this alcoholic beverage is almost a national identity for Russians. Russians love to drink vodka at any occasions. At average, Russians drink 20L vodka every day! Vodka is clearly among 10 best selling items in Russia.

Tourists can bring back home some vodka if they like. The best brands are Smirnoff, Absolut, and Khortytsa. You can buy a vodka in a Russian supermarket and the quality would be higher than anywhere else in the world. When buying vodka, don’t forget to buy some Stopki (shot glasses) as well.

2. Chocolate and Candy

When you’re visiting Russia, don’t forget to try out some candies and chocolates. Russians have a special love for sweet delicacies. Sweets in Russia are a delicious treat for citizens of all ages. Everyone who has sweet tooth will love visiting Russian candy shop and chocolate factories. One of the most popular sweet is called pastilla. It is a kind of sweet with ingredients such as berries and honey.

Chocolate bars are also popular. Russians have lots of chocolate brands that are also popular all around the world. Milk chocolate Alionka is a creamy tasted chocolate Russians love so much. You should taste one during your visit here.

3. Electronics

Like anywhere else in the world, Russians these days also cannot separate from electronics.  Phones and computers are the best selling electronics here. For gadgets, Apple devices are popular and sought after. Many Russians use iPhone and MacBook laptop every day. Even though the price of Apple products is a lot more expensive here, that doesn’t stop Russians to buy them.

4. Car

Russia is big and vast. It spread from eastern Europe to Siberia, close to Alaska. Although public transportations are plenty, Russians still need a car to get around the vast country. This is true especially at the remote part of Russia, where public transport is rare.

Lada is the most popular Russian car brand. Many Russians use Lada as their car, especially during the Soviet era. Besides the Lada, Russians also use cars from other countries such as Japan, USA, and European brands.

5. Matryoshka

Another stereotypical thing of Russia. But this is true, Matryoshka is best selling both for local and also tourist. Matryoshka is a nesting doll. Usually made from wood, they’re painted with the figure of a girl wearing traditional Russian attire.

Matryoshka is a popular souvenir for tourists visiting Russia. Recently, the painting in Matryoshka not only depicting traditional girls but also popular public figure such as Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia.

6. Books

Russia is a country of literature. Novels, poetry, as well as other writing works, once thrived in Russia during the 19th century. Even until now, Russian literature continues to be a must-read for some school. Literature enthusiasts at least once must have read a Russian novel. Popular novels such as “Anna Karenina” of Leo Tolstoy has been translated into many languages. It even has been adapted to a movie too.

Although you cannot read or speak any Russian, it’s still a good idea to buy some original version of Russian books. A copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” can be not only nice, but also educational souvenir to bring home. Or maybe you should start learning some Russian to understand Russian books. Start with learning some facts about the Russian language to make you interested in the language.

7. Fur

Russians have been wearing fur for centuries. In fact, like vodka, fur is mostly worn in Russia than other parts in the world. What is the reason behind this? Of course, it’s simply because Russia is cold. Fur serves more than just a fashion statement. It’s also a practical way to cover someone’s body during the harsh Russian winter.

8. Clothing and accessories.

It is no secret that Russian women have a good fashion sense. They love to dress to the nine, with their high heels and fur clothing. Just look at the street style in Moscow. Clothing and accessories easily made itself to this 10 Best selling items in Russia. There are many shopping malls in this country to shop for some nice clothes.

9. Crosses and Religious Artifacts

The largest religion in Russia in Russian Orthodox. For this reason. There’s a large demand over religious artifacts among Russians. Russian are also superstitious beside religious. There are a lot of fascinating legends and stories in Russia.

10. Amber (jewelry)

Amber jewelry is made from amber, an organic material derived from tree’s fossilized resin. The come into various color such as honey, green and cherry. Russians are rich for amber deposits, and they have the only amber factory in the world, located in Kaliningrad. Some Russians even believe that amber is magical.

Russian amber is sought after. They are high quality, authentic, and simply beautiful. This amber then transformed into beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Be sure to buy some amber jewelry on your trip to Russia.

11. Cigarettes

Yes, it may be not a healthy habit. But Russians, especially the men, are avid smokers. They like to smoke whenever they have the chance. Cigarettes in Russia also very cheap compared to other European countries. Some tourists like to stash some cigarettes from Russia because it’s cheaper there. Now it’s easy to see why it is so popular among tourists and easily made to the list of 10 best selling items in Russia.

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