4 Topics You Must Not Bring Up In Front Of Russian

talking to russianEvery society in a country must have a different mindset than people in other countries. Examples such as culture between western society and eastern society must be very different. Especially in terms of lifestyle. There are some things that are considered appropriate and some things that are not appropriate to do. And this difference must be respected by everyone so that there is no racist action. And one of the reasons for this is cultural differences in each country. Even in every region in a country can have different cultures.

Of course the way to deal with this situation is to adjust when visiting a country. And one country that is rich in culture and civilization is Russia. When you visit Russia, not all things that you consider appropriate can you do there. Especially you do in front of Russian people. You have to know what they like and what they don’t like. If you want to be friends or have a Russian lover, this is certainly very important for you. So that you don’t look bad in their eyes. You must be able to give a positive impression on them by understanding their culture and life. When chatting with a Russian, your friends or lovers, there are several topics that you should not ask and discuss with them.

For those of you who are always interested in everything about Russia, we present 4 topics you must not bring up in front of russian. If you do it, maybe you will offend their hearts and your relationship with them will not last long. And for those of you who just want to take a trip to Russia, this is equally important. So that you are more comfortable in traveling or vacationing there. The following is the discussion.

1. “Drink more, you are Russian!”

The first topic you should not say to a Russian is “drink more, you are Russian!”. Never say this when you are sitting around while drinking alcohol with them. they are very sensitive to this topic. They might reply to you “do you think we are all alcoholics?” Then, your conversation with them gets worse, because you have ruined their mood.

Russians really hate all comments about their drinking habits. Alcoholism has been a serious problem in Russia. Now, research shows that Russian people drink less. So they will be angry if you discuss their old habits. so, never say this, especially if they have drunk too much, this will endanger you and your relationship with them.

Maybe this is considered normal for many people from outside Russia. In fact, maybe this is considered a joke. However, for them this is a heartbreaking joke. You must adjust and understand this.

2. “Russia lost in World War II”

When you talk about this before a Russian, your conversation and he will stop. This is a topic that really makes them feel worse. Because 99 out of 100 Russian people will fight with their interlocutors when discussing this. No matter they like politics or not.

They never felt lost in World War II. In fact, on each day of victory, the end of World War II was considered an undeniable victory of the Soviet Union. So, if you talk about this, you will only make your Russian friends go and hate you. So, don’t say this to them. There are still many other topics that make your relationship and they get closer.

3. “Why are you sad?”

The next topic is sure to surprise you. This is definitely the norm for you. Even this is often used as a form of attention to people who are loved. But this is different when you say it to a Russian.

In accordance with the culture there, if there is nothing funny or interesting, they will be silent and will not smile at anyone. Unless you greet them. because the old saying there says “smiling without reason is a sign that you are a fool.” When they are silent, it does not mean they are pessimistic. They are only realistic. When you ask them this topic, they might say, “This is my normal face.” Indeed this does not make them too sensitive. But, you should not ask. Look for other topics that make them have a reason to laugh and smile with you.

4. Criticizing The Reality Of The Life Of A Russian

The next topic that you should not talk about is Russian life, which is about the reality of their lives. maybe this sounds normal in other countries. But, many people don’t like it when other people comment on their lives. Likewise with Russian.

A Russian will not be ashamed to tell you about their lives or the problems they are facing. However, when you first criticize them, they will be unhappy. And feel you underestimate and ridicule their lives. when they tell their lives, the things you can do are listen to them or give solutions. But don’t try to criticize or discuss this first. This will make them hurt.

When you have a Russian friend or a Russian lover, and suddenly they look sad, you don’t need to respond more deeply. You are quiet and understanding. If they feel you are the closest person, they will tell you yourself.

After reading this article, you will definitely understand more about the culture and mindset of the Russian people. Maybe it’s different from your mindset. But still, we must respect and understand each other. Especially if they are friends, relatives, or your spouse.

Those are the 4 topics you must not bring up in front of russian. 4 topics you should not discuss with them, unless you want to lose your friend or Russian partner. You can find other topics of conversation that they might like and get them interested. Because they are kind and friendly people. You just need to understand them better. hopefully, this article can help you understand Russian people better.

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