7 Favorite Russian Games for Children

Not every child in Russia have the time or money to visit favorite places for them to play during holidays. But still, recreation is a close second necessity after foods, especially for children. To keep their “fun” meters high, Russian children will find their own ways to make themselves entertained, like playing with their favorite toys […]

8 Creepy and Annoying Playgrounds in Russia

A playground is a place where your kids supposed to play and have some fun. Most Russian public playgrounds in big cities are well-maintained, and people of all ages love to visit them. It is no wonder why visiting playgrounds is one of the Russian kids’ favorite activities, especially during holidays. There are some playgrounds […]

11 Most Favorite Playgrounds in St. Petersburg, Russia

There are several playgrounds in St. Petersburg. Many of them are quite unusual for its unique design, that will be loved by many children. In some of them, the visitors may even be able to learn something from the decoration, and the game elements. Here is the list of the most favourite playgrounds in St. […]

7 Best Playgrounds in Moscow, Russia

In this technological era, children tend to play games using their gadgets, rather than playing outside, without realising that being inside of the house, or even indoor playground may make children become unaware of their surroundings, especially the natural phenomenon. Fortunately, in Moscow, the biggest city in Russia, there are several places for children to […]