14 facts of Vinni Pukh, the Russian version of Winnie the Pooh

Some of you might have heard of Vinni Pukh, some of you may not. Well, this Russian cartoon is one of the most popular cartoons in Russia. A very cute cartoon, charming animation style, and heartwarming storyline, so go on and watch it, it’s a shame to miss it. If that’s not impressive enough, these […]

Time for Soviet Cartoon! 4 Characters of Cheburashka You Should Know

Have you ever seen a cartoon from Russia? If you’ve ever watched it, I can make sure if you’ve watched Masha and the Bear. Am I right? Russian cartoons, Masha and the Bear, are already very popular throughout the world.  Then did you know that Russia also has a popular cartoon called Cheburashka? Maybe many […]

Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children

It is inevitable that cartoons play a huge part of a child’s growth. Aside from learning through school and bedtime stories, cartoons can be an interesting media for children to learn new things, such as nature, science, friendship, music, and language. As long as parents know which cartoons to let their children watch, and let […]

6 most favorite Russian cartoons for all ages from then and now

When asked about childhood, most people would probably have a couple of things that remind them the most about being a child. Whether it’s the fun games, holiday activities, or favorite toys. Another thing that cannot be separated from childhood is watching cartoons! Don’t you agree? Who doesn’t love cartoons? They’re a timeless classic for […]

7 Most Recommended Russian Cartoons to Watch for Language Learners

Hello learners! Learning a new language is always challenging, isn’t it? You might want to start learning Russian language for a number of reasons, whether you’re planning to just visit Russia for your summer holiday,  or perhaps stay longer for work or studies, as there are many advantages of studying in Russia for international students. […]

7 Soviet Cartoon That Bring Back Childhood Memories of Russian People

There are several things that can bring back childhood memories. Ice cream, toys from the past, theme parks, and childhood TV shows. For some, cartoons warm the heart for being a reminder of the more innocent times. This also applies to some of the Russian people. The Soviet era surprisingly is when animated movies thrived […]

5 Russian Cartoons That Go Worldwide Success

Russian cinematics world, big screen or tv, is intriguing to explore. The list of Russian movies from last year alone is full of titles worth to add to your watch list. Watching movies is one of the fun ways to learn the Russian language. It also serves as a window to peek inside Russian culture […]

6 Adorable Cartoons for Children to Learn Russian Language

When is the perfect time for learning Russian? It’s always good to start early, especially since young ages! Teaching children something new is always challenging at first, isn’t it? This fact also applies to learning Russian language. Thankfully, with modern technology, there are many unconventional ways children can learn Russian language without even realizing it! […]