Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children

It is inevitable that cartoons play a huge part of a child’s growth. Aside from learning through school and bedtime stories, cartoons can be an interesting media for children to learn new things, such as nature, science, friendship, music, and language. As long as parents know which cartoons to let their children watch, and let them watch in moderation, there are lots of things children can learn from cartoons while being entertained! With the many cartoons airing on TV and the Internet nowadays, parents need to be aware of which cartoons to pick. Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children because of their interesting story and positive message!

1. Luntik: meet the loveable purple alien and his friends in the forest

Parents, if you want a fun and educational cartoon for your kids, try to let them watch this series! Luntik is a cartoon that was first created in 2006 and is popular all over Russian TV until today. Kids will love its titular main character with a furry and purple appearance, an alien named Luntik. Each episode is only 6 minutes so it won’t bore your kids. Throughout the series, the cartoon is filled with animal characters talking like humans, like bees, insects, frogs, and other forest animals. This show is a great way to let your kids be familiar with the environment and the world around them. The storyline is filled with the daily experiences and interactions between Luntik and his friends, so kids can learn a lot of useful lessons from this show too! This show also evokes a positive message your kids can pick up in each episode, so it’s really

2. Kikoriki: learn about culture and life values from adorable animals!

Also called Smeshariki in the original Russian title, this series first premiered in 2004 and has over 200 episodes since then, each episodes running around 6 minutes long. Did you know this series is actually part of the “World Without Violence” campaign? So, it’s no surprise that the cartoon has lots of positive messages within it. Its main themes are Russian culture and education, so it’s great for children around 3 to 8 years old to watch. The characters are also adorable! There are 9 main characters in total with different colors and appearances, such as Jumper the blue rabbit, Chiko the magenta hedgehog, Rosa the pink pig, Pin the German penguin and many others. Pretty sure kids will be attracted by their cute and fun nature while absorbing positive lessons while watching!

3. Junior and Karlson: adventures of a boy and a flying man

This cartoon in particular is so famous that it is considered one of Russia’s national icons! It’s about a lonely little boy named Junior (Malysh or ‘the little one’ in Russian) who befriends Karlson, a peculiar man who can fly, thanks to a propeller on his back that appears when he presses a button on his stomach. This is a simple-to-watch cartoon with themes about family, friendship, and humor. There are also quite a lot of Russian dialogue for children to get used to the language better while still enjoying the funny, light-hearted plot!

4. Fixiki: let children learn about emotions through this entertaining cartoon.

Fixiki is another Russian cartoon highly recommended for children! Though it hasn’t been around the cartoon industry as long as the other classics, this cartoon, which first aired in 2010, is a great pick parents can show their children. It features a mix of adventure, comedy and friendship while using music to keep the cartoon interesting, so children can sing along to the songs. It’s an educational cartoon about the life of different characters living inside devices, thus children can be familiar with technology reimagined through this cartoon. This cartoon introduces different kinds of emotions for children to learn about, such as happiness, fear, surprise, excitement, jealousy, and fear, but even through the negative emotions, children can pick up important life lessons without realizing it.

5. Three from Prostokvashino, a classic adventure story

Adventure is always a genre that works well with kids, don’t you agree? It’s because kids still have a short attention span and need an interesting storyline that will keep them focused on the show. This cartoon, Three from Prostokvashino, is just the type of cartoon your children can enjoy. It tells about the adventure of a boy, along with a cat and a dog. The different characters with distinct personalities will keep children entertained through their interactions and experiences in exploring a new home in the countryside. In the end, this cartoon also holds an important valuable message about family that are useful for children.

6. Well Just You Wait: light and humorous choice for children

Every kid loves a good humor every now and then. To take a break from more educational or lesson-filled cartoon shows, parents can let kids watch this show, Well Just You Wait, a cartoon that has been aired since 1969 and is still well-known among people of all ages in Russia. It tells the day-to-day chases between a Wolf and a Hare and how the Hare manages to escape from Wolf’s mischiefs. There isn’t a lot of dialogue in this cartoon as most of the story is told through the animation itself. Words are mostly just interjections during the interactions of Wolf and Hare, so it’s easy to understand especially for younger children who have not mastered a lot of basic Russian vocabulary.

There you go, parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children because of their interesting plot that will keep children entertained while still educating them at the same time! After all that TV-watching, make sure your children still get enough time to play games, have recreation outside in these places, or make use of some toys that will improve their creativity. So, for parents, make sure you choose the cartoons wisely!

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