8 Russian Activities For Toddlers

Russia is one of the countries with the largest area in the world. Not only is the region large, Russia also has control over world trade. Russia also have many tourist attractions that famous in the world. Russia has world-famous specialties. They are various kinds of foods for winter, Russian foods in summer, and even […]

Unique Russian Gifts To Bring For Your Kids

So far, matryoshka dolls have always been a gift from Russia. This souvenir is in the form of oval shaped wooden dolls of various sizes that keep shrinking. So that they can be stacked inside. Besides matryoshka, here are some other souvenirs typical of Russia. 1. Matryoshka doll Matryoshka is available in various sizes from […]

How Soviet Children Playing Activities Outside Home

Russia is the largest country in the world. The uniqueness of Russia appears one of them because it is at the northernmost of the Earth. Bordering the North Pole, Russia has many unique facts about its geography. Aside from the geography, apparently Russians also have many unique habits. Long before, now, this unique habit could […]