Parents will choose these 6 Russian cartoons for their children

It is inevitable that cartoons play a huge part of a child’s growth. Aside from learning through school and bedtime stories, cartoons can be an interesting media for children to learn new things, such as nature, science, friendship, music, and language. As long as parents know which cartoons to let their children watch, and let […]

6 most favorite Russian cartoons for all ages from then and now

When asked about childhood, most people would probably have a couple of things that remind them the most about being a child. Whether it’s the fun games, holiday activities, or favorite toys. Another thing that cannot be separated from childhood is watching cartoons! Don’t you agree? Who doesn’t love cartoons? They’re a timeless classic for […]

7 Most Recommended Russian Cartoons to Watch for Language Learners

Hello learners! Learning a new language is always challenging, isn’t it? You might want to start learning Russian language for a number of reasons, whether you’re planning to just visit Russia for your summer holiday,  or perhaps stay longer for work or studies, as there are many advantages of studying in Russia for international students. […]

5 Best Russian TV Series on Netflix 2019

Watching TV series can be a fun and entertaining way to spend your me-time! TV series are usually more hooking than movies because each episode makes you more curious than before. Russia also has quite some good quality TV series nowadays. Not only do they have interesting plot line, you can also know more about […]

5 reasons to watch “Ekaterina”, the Russian historical TV series

One of them is ‘Ekaterina’, the famous Russian historical TV series that has been airing since 2014. Also called ‘Ekaterina: The Rise of Catherine the Great’, this series is inspired from Russian history, particularly about Catherine the Great, one of the most well-known Russian empresses and her life story, even having her own castle with magnificent […]

6 Reasons to watch a global Russian police drama series”Silver Spoon”

The Russian television industry is constantly growing. Many Russian TV series have even made it to the global market, thanks to Netflix, which recently bought rights to distribute these high quality series for audience all over the world to enjoy. One of the top-rated Russian TV series that has gotten global recognition is Silver Spoon. […]

5 reasons why you should watch a new TV series “Russian Doll”

Watching TV series can be such an interesting way to spend your free time! Nowadays, there are a lot of TV series that you can choose from. Are you a fan of lighter, more comedic TV series, or do you prefer darker-themed series with a convoluted story line that hooks thinker-type of audiences? If you are […]

6 Russian TV series that are easy for Russian learners

Do you find it hard to learn Russian language? Learning a new language is always a challenge at first, but fear not! Learning Russian language is easier than you think, there are many ways that you can try to learn Russian in a day. If you know how to be creative in picking a fun […]

8 Soviet cartoons that will bring back shivering memories

Cartoons are often seen as light, entertaining, and funny TV shows that are friendly for children to watch. Their storyline is also usually simple, with happy endings in the end. However, Soviet cartoons do not quite follow this stereotype! It’s not a surprise, really. Soviet cartoons were mostly made in the Soviet times, and cartoons […]

6 Adorable Cartoons for Children to Learn Russian Language

When is the perfect time for learning Russian? It’s always good to start early, especially since young ages! Teaching children something new is always challenging at first, isn’t it? This fact also applies to learning Russian language. Thankfully, with modern technology, there are many unconventional ways children can learn Russian language without even realizing it! […]