The Studying Verbs in Russian Language

In Russian language, there are many various forms to express something, for example in verbs. For now, we are going to talk about the verbs of studying in Russian language. We are going to tell you the verbs of study and learn, including the aspect of verbs, in that language. Here it is… Learn Verb […]

The Explanation of Russian Infinitive Verbs

In this website, there are some topics talking about verbs. One of them is Figurative Meanings in Russian Verbs of Motion. For now, we will talk about verbs again, it is  Russian infinitive verbs. What is that? In Russian language, there is an immutable indefinite form of verb (неизменяемая неопределлённая форма глагола) or mostly called […]

Relative Pronouns in Russian Language

We had talked about another type of pronoun in Russian language in the previous lesson. It was called Interrogative Pronouns in Russian Language. For now, we will talk about the next type of pronouns. It is Relative Pronouns. This type has the same pronouns like interrogative pronouns, such as: Кто ‘who, which’, Что ‘what, as, […]

Instrumental Case of Personal Pronouns in Russian Language

In Russian language, there are six cases: Именительный Падеж ‘Nominative Case’ (Nominative Case in Russian Language), Родительный Падеж ‘Genitive Case’, Дательный Падеж ‘Dative Case’, Винительный Падеж ‘Accusative Case’, Творительный Падеж ‘Instrumental Case’ and Предложный Падеж ‘Prepositional Case’. For this moment, we are going to talk about one of the cases in Russian language, Instrumental case, […]

Interrogative Pronouns in Russian Language

There are nine types of pronouns in Russian language. One of them is interrogative pronouns. When giving questions, we use interrogative pronouns to ask: Кто ‘who’, Что ‘what’, Чей ‘whose’, Какой ‘which’, Который ‘that (pronoun used to indicate a specific person or thing)’, and Сколько ‘how many’. Interrogative Pronouns I. When giving questions about persons […]

How to Use “Быть” in Russian Language

The word of Быть ‘be, exist, play, fare’ is a transitive verb in Russian language. But, the verb of Быть is one of some verbs that used differently than many other verbs. So now, we are going to talk about the using of Быть in sentences. Here we go! Read also: 7 Coldest Places in […]

List of Prefixed Verb of Motion in Russian Language

Russian verbs of motion have been learnt in the previous lesson: The list of Russian verb of motion without prefixes. For now, we are going to talk about the list of prefixed verb of motion. In Russian language, the prefixed verb of motion is divided into two forms: spatial value (пространственное значение) and non-spatial value […]

The List of Russian Verbs of Motion

There are some differences between Russian language and other languages. For example, in Russian language there is a group of verbs that show motion. Yup, the verbs of motion are categorized in one group. Okay, let’s start the lesson about the verbs. Here are some lists of Russian verbs of motion, regular and irregular verbs. […]

The Imperfective Aspect of Russian Verb

In the previous lesson, we have talked about one of two aspects in Russian language: Perfective Aspect (The Perfective Aspect of Russian Verb). Now, we will continue with the another aspect: Imperfective Aspect. It has been decsribed that two aspects have differences. Imperfective aspect verb is used when the subject wants to tell about something […]

The Perfective Aspect of Russian Verb

Before we talk about the Perfective aspect of Russian verb, do you know the difference of Russian verb and any other language? Verb in Russian language has something unique. Besides Russian verb just has three forms based on time (past tense, present tense, and future tense), Russian verb is divided into two forms based on […]