Get to Know About Dipping Children in Frozen Water During Russian Epiphany

The ice-swimming festival in Russia, marking the Epiphany day, is celebrated by millions of Russians every year. Russians of all ages celebrate it. As a crowd of people queuing in an ice hole to take turn dipping, it’s not a strange sight to find children among this queue. Parents bring their children to participate in […]

5 Cities in Russia That Has Lots of Festivals

When someone talks about Russia, the one thing they relate to is cold. Although this fact true because of their geographical climate which had longer winter, but it also has longer summer. Spring and autumn are short but unique. Russian autumn is cool with the amazing natural scenery. Spring is lively and warm. Most of all, […]

5 Most Interesting Winter Festival in Russia

Winter festival in Russia is long and popular. Russia has one of the coldest weather in the world even during summer. Subsequently, Russia holds a Winter festival to cheer the people and fight the cold weather. Young and old come together to have a feast and celebrate winter despite its cold. These festivals attract tourist […]