5 Cities in Russia That Has Lots of Festivals

shregeshWhen someone talks about Russia, the one thing they relate to is cold. Although this fact true because of their geographical climate which had longer winter, but it also has longer summer. Spring and autumn are short but unique. Russian autumn is cool with the amazing natural scenery. Spring is lively and warm. Most of all, all the seasons are welcome with joy and festivities. Russian festival covers are held in all cities in Russia, especially Winter Festivals which last the longest.

This festival includes Christmas and New Years which are celebrated in all city across Russia, the differences lie on how big the event is. Typically, the bigger the city the bigger the size of the festival. But there are festivals only held in a certain city and become their iconic event and known Internationally.

Russian Festival

Russia is a gorgeous destination offer for its unique culture and festivals. Russian festival reveal some of the most amazing tradition and rich cultural side of the people. There is two kind of festivals in Russia. Firstly, the common celebrations shares by other parts of the world, the world, such as Christmas, Easter and New Years. Secondly, festivals based own Russian culture and history includes Festival Maslenitsa and Krasnoyarsk snow and ice.

Russian people will hold their festivals in a Russian way, even their Christmas Santa has a Russian version differs from the rest of the world. No matter how Russian people do it, their festivals are guaranteed to be big and lively. Here are 5 cities in Russia that has a lot of festivals.

1. Moscow

The capital city of Russia surely have the most festivals held in the city. The city has several famous public places which regularly uses as a place to hold the most famous Russian Festival, such as :

  • International Moscow Film Festival, an international event where famous people come to screens of Russian documentaries, short films, and the latest Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Den’ Goroda, the celebration of the founding of Moscow. Free street concerts, festivities, and parties.
  • The international fireworks festival, the largest summer international festival of pyrotechnical art.
  • The Circle of light, winter festivals that decorate the dark sky with laser light show in several places in Moscow.
  • Victory Day, commemorated the end of world war 2 by having parades and fireworks.

2. Saint Petersburg

The second biggest city after Moscow offers more friendly festivals with laid-back crowded, tremendous food and drinks. Some festivals hold here, include:

  • Stars of White Nights Festival, A summer festival highlighting the Russian passions for opera, classical music, and ballet.
  • St Petersburg Beer Festival, all-time favorites festivals in St Petersburg, with good food, music, and flowing of brands laid out at the Peter and Paul Fortress.
  • St John the Baptist’s Day, old tradition dated back into pagan time when bonfires are lit across the city and people gather around with music and food.  International Moscow Film Festival
  • Saint Petersburg day, is a festival to honor the city history, traditions and culture by having music and dances all across the city.
  • Peterhof Fountain Festivals, The Russian riviera series of palaces with fountains open their sprinklers and combined with laser light exhibit a fascinating show. The event mark the beginning of summer in the city.

3. Kazan

Some of the Festival held in this city are highly influenced by tartar culture and Muslim. The city is divided into two sides that connecter by the Millenium bridge, one side is where the tartans culture flourish and the other side applied to more classical Russian tradition. Festivals held here include:

  • Sabantuy, the end of spring crop planting. A big festival in Tatarstan, There are folk song and dances, the main event is the Koresh tournament, Tatar national belt wrestling, where competitors try to flip their components onto the ground with a big strap of material.
  • Jazz in the Kremlin, great tunes filled the Kazan Kremlin’s World Heritage from UNESCO. It is the ultimate festivities during summer. The event lasted from July to August, and case International and national musicians.
  • Feodor Chaliapin International Opera Festival, International event honoring famous artists and held in the opulent Musa Jalil Tatar State Opera and Ballet Theatre.
  • Rudolf Nureyev International Festival of Ballet, the event exhibits Russian finest dancers on stage to perform the great ballet classics.
  • Blooming Kazan Festival, a new festivities in form of a competition to fill the city with creative flower designs for around three months.
  • Book Festival at Smena, held biannual in summer and winter. For two days, exhibitions and cultural events are held accompanied by the publisher’s bookshop.
  • Feskrutushka Ethnic Festival, performing traditional folk music from across from all parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe. The event held for days in Krutushka, a small village near Kazan. for a couple of days.

4. Krasnoyarsk

The wonderful Siberia area is a home for several festivals that commemorate the changing of the season. The vast area of nature that change with time, make this place famous with its natural scenery. Russian Festival hold here, includes :

  • International Ice and snow sculpture, situated on the banks of the Yenisei River. Sculptors, architects, and artists from Russia and beyond compete in two categories: snow and ice.
  • Maslenitsa Festivals is celebrated all across Russia. Here, people take it into a more extreme level by adding boxing fist fight. the other tradition such as making and eating lots of pancakes (blinis), bonfire still applies.

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