6 Best Books to Improve Your Russian Grammar With

More and more people today find that learning languages other than their first ones is actually important. Boundaries between nations are getting thinner and thinner that connecting with people from other places around the world has become way easier than, say, ten years ago. This fact is influenced by technology, mostly. Internet has made things […]

Check Your Russian Grammar with These 5 Sites

Language is one of the most ancient things in the world. Humans had started to figure out ways to communicate since the earliest time when they learned that they could share the same thought intentionally. Since then, thousands of languages have been formed around the world both culturally and scientifically. Some languages could be very […]

The Studying Verbs in Russian Language

In Russian language, there are many various forms to express something, for example in verbs. For now, we are going to talk about the verbs of studying in Russian language. We are going to tell you the verbs of study and learn, including the aspect of verbs, in that language. Here it is… Learn Verb […]

7 Best Way to Start Learning Russian

Learning Russian is not so difficult as people think, it will be very interesting if you liked it and know the benefits of learning Russian language. If you’re learning Russian at the moment, then this article will help you to boost your knowledge of learning Russian. Studying Russian language isn’t something that we can learn […]

The Using of Preposition “-К(о)” in Russian Language

  Prepositions are words that indicate various types of relation between words. For example, they may indicate location (in the room), direction (to the store), time (before dinner), and many other relations. In English one preposition may be used in several different meanings, whereas in Russian Language, it can be expressed by a different prepositions […]

The use of preposition “-По”in Russian Language

On our previous lesson, we have learned about preposition –ко. Now, let’s take a look at another Russian preposition which is easily can be found and one of common prepositions that being used in sentences. Let us introduce you to the preposition –по. Literally, preposition –по has meanings as  after, on and upon. We usually […]

One Direction of Verbs of Motion

Within this website, we have gave you several informations related to the Russian verb. There are many points you could learn from this one of Russian parts of speech from imperfective, perfective, tenses, verbs with and without prefixes. So, we will start to another special group in Russian verb which called One Direction Verbs. One direction or unidirectional […]

Prefix – “За” In Russian Verbs of Motion

When we are talking about Russian grammar  especially verbs, we will find that one infinitive verb may consisted of conjugations with subjects and which you could see about related information further in conjugation in Russian language, the aspect whether it’s in perfective or imperfective, Russian tenses (past, present or future), with or without prefixes and others. […]

The List Of Russian Verbs of Motion Without Prefixes

As we have been talked on the previous article about List of Russian Verbs of Motion, which explained some Russian verbs including regular and irregular forms, now in this section we are going to give you information about The List of Russian Verbs of Motion Without Prefixes. In Russian language, Verbs in Russian Language are contained with […]

The Reflective Pronouns in Russian Language

When we talk about an object which is reflected the subject, we use reflective pronouns. We use the reflective pronouns in everyday conversation. Therefore, if it’s taken out of the sentence, it will sound weird and confusing. The reflective pronoun in the Russian language is not complicated, as long as you already have an understanding […]