Figurative Meanings in Russian Verbs of Motion

You know that in Russian language there are a group of verbs that show motion, yups it is verbs of motion. After learning everything you must know about verbs of motion, from the list of Russian Verbs of Motion, the list of Russian verbs of motion without prefixes, to the list of Russian verbs of […]

The Using of Preposition “-К(о)” in Russian Language

  Prepositions are words that indicate various types of relation between words. For example, they may indicate location (in the room), direction (to the store), time (before dinner), and many other relations. In English one preposition may be used in several different meanings, whereas in Russian Language, it can be expressed by a different prepositions […]

Giving Compliment with Comparative and Superlatives

There is a time in your life when you feel like you want to compliment someone, either because of they were very nice, for cooking something delicious, or even because they look good. In previous lesson most popular phrases to use when dating a Russian, we already give you the example to use while complimenting […]

Most popular phrases to use when dating a Russian (must know!)

To learn about one’s language you will also learn about their culture. Russian culture is a very interesting culture, moreover their people. After you learn a little bit about Russian men and Russian women, you can use your language capability to start talking with them. If you’re one of the lucky one, you will find […]

One Direction of Verbs of Motion

Within this website, we have gave you several informations related to the Russian verb. There are many points you could learn from this one of Russian parts of speech from imperfective, perfective, tenses, verbs with and without prefixes. So, we will start to another special group in Russian verb which called One Direction Verbs. One direction or unidirectional […]

 Introduction to Adverbs in Russian Language

What is the last Russian lesson you learned so far? Now, let’s start learning about adverbs in Russian. In Russian language, the adverb is put before the verb. Maybe you already know that we use adverbs when we want to answer the question how (Как?), where (Где?), where (Куда?), from where (Откуда?), and when (Когда?). […]

The Future Tense of Russian Verbs

When we speak in any language, it is very important if we know about tenses. Each tense has a function to show the connection of activity and the time. Using the wrong tenses will create a different meaning, even if we use the same verb. After learning about the present tense and also past tense of Russian verbs . […]

List of Prefixed Verb of Motion in Russian Language

Russian verbs of motion have been learnt in the previous lesson: The list of Russian verb of motion without prefixes. For now, we are going to talk about the list of prefixed verb of motion. In Russian language, the prefixed verb of motion is divided into two forms: spatial value (пространственное значение) and non-spatial value […]

The List Of Russian Verbs of Motion With Prefixes

After learn about List of Russian verbs of motion with prefixes, now in this article we are going to give you more knowledge about The List of Russian Verbs of Motion With Prefixes. First thing first, you must understand that verbs of motion without prefixes are imperfective, meanwhile verbs of motion with prefixes are perfective. You can look through here […]

Present Tense of Verbs in Russian Language

In all languages, verb tenses are very important. It has a function to describe the time of action when something happens. When we speak with the wrong tenses, it can change the meaning of the sentence because of the wrong time. Let’s learn Russian step by step. For now, we begin with the present tense of […]