Check Your Russian Grammar with These 5 Sites

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Language is one of the most ancient things in the world. Humans had started to figure out ways to communicate since the earliest time when they learned that they could share the same thought intentionally. Since then, thousands of languages have been formed around the world both culturally and scientifically. Some languages could be very private, which are only used in very small circles of communities or very universal like the sign language that can be used all over the world with the same standard.

Languages change over time. They evolve and diversify with many factors and influences, but several languages will sound similar to one another because they have the same root and come from the same family. The most widely spoken language family in the world is the Indo-European family that includes English, Russian, and Hindi. Among the three, English is the most common one, while the other two may sound more complicated especially because they use different alphabet. But, actually, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world with 144 million speakers and also one of the six official languages of the United Nations. So it is not a wonder that the number of Russian language learners always increase each time. If you are one of them and still struggling with the grammar, here are 5 sites we recommend to study and check it with.


This free website has a very nice user interface that makes it friendly and easy to use. You only need to register to start using it and, again, it is completely free. By registering, you can record your learning progress and bookmark lessons. It also gives different starting points for them who already know how to read the Russian alphabet and them who are complete beginners. If you choose to be a guest learner, then just go ahead and choose from the sections at the top of the home page where you can find lessons, alphabet, phonetics, vocabulary, grammar tables, and more. The way the website divides topics is very helpful.


Just like what the website mentions in the name, it will guide you step by step through the whole process of learning Russian language. The whole website is completely free and you don’t have to register to get the offered benefits. It has nice and clear home page that users can easily choose the specific lessons they need and there is also the offline version of them you can download and print. On the grammar section, the lessons are broken down into clear and neat topics that surely makes it a breeze for beginners to choose and learn. You can find everything you need here to check if your grammar is already correct or if it still needs improvement.


After registering yourself, or by simply logging in through your Facebook account, you can start using all the lessons for free. Different from the other two websites above, russianpod101 has real teachers that will deliver the subjects to you through videos and audio files that will really help learners who are more of listeners and visual learners rather than readers. Another plus point from this website is that it will get you started with some sort of a “placement test” to see which level you are in so the lesson plan will be adjusted for your personal need, including the grammar. Now that is pretty neat. There are also articles on cultures and fun facts about Russia in case you need a little break from the lessons.


This website is very simple appearance-wise. This is understandable as it is actually a supplement to a textbook titled Beginning Russian. So if you are not used to seeing simple and bare lesson website, this one may not be suitable for you. But, if it is not a matter, then you will get a lot from here. All of the basic grammatical topics are very well covered and easy to print. There are also numbered grammar reviews to help you with steps of correct grammar learning to make sure you don’t jump too far forward.


Well, the address says it all, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything. Other than English, this website also offers the Spanish version, in case it is your first language. From the home page you can go straight to the grammar section by clicking the section at the top of the page. It is on the same page with vocabulary and exercises. Like russianpod101, there are also audio and visual lessons for you on this website.  Each lesson is graded from basic to advanced and friendly for learners from all ages. It also links you to fun bits to learn Russian like cartoon films, comics, music and podcasts. If you ever need direct help with your grammar, there are tutors that will communicate with you through emails. This is excellent for learners who prefer active learning with two-way interactions.

So those were the 5 recommended sites for you to learn Russian and check the grammar with. Russian may not be the easiest language to learn, but it is one of the most spoken and preferred internationally so much so the number of its learners always gets higher each time. Things have changed a lot, especially since internet is found and getting bigger and easier to access. Long time ago, people can only learn foreign languages through physical classes with schedules, tuitions, and everything else. At that time, a lot of people had wished to learn but couldn’t afford either the time or the tuition. Today, everything is just a click away. Everyone can learn as many languages as possible without having to leave their homes or offices. Learning has become way easier and more convenient. Hope this article helps you to find the right source to improve your Russian grammar.

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