Conjugation in Russian Language (Regular and Irregular Verbs)

After the first lesson about conjugation in Russian language that divided into two categories, such as regular and irregular verbs, now we are going to talk about regular and irregular verbs more specifically. There also will be more examples of irregular verbs conjugation. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you to visit How to […]

Dative Case of Russian Nouns (Easy for Beginners)

Russian dative cases can be defined as a grammatical case mainly used when referring to an indirect object of a known sentence. We have six cases in Russian: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, and prepositional. Before we proceed to dative case of Russian nouns, we kindly suggest you to visit How to Learn Russian for Beginners to […]

Prepositional Case of Russian Adjectives – Easy for Everyone

Adjectives in Russian language are to describe nouns. For it’s using, adjectives usually following nouns to form a sentence or in other words adjectives come before a noun. Russian adjectives modify in gender, number and case. If the noun is used in the prepositional case, the adjectives will also change form following nouns. At the previous […]

Prepositional Case of Russian Nouns – Easy for Beginners

In this opportunity we will continue our progress of learning Russian language by knowing prepositional case of Russian nouns. As we know that Russian language has six grammatical cases which one of them is prepositional case or usually called case 6, this case is one of the easiest case in Russian grammar. If you want […]

Nominative Case in Russian Language – Easy Grammar for Beginners

Nominative case in Russian language or usually called case one in Russian have basic function to mark a subject used in a sentence or answering the question “что” (schto – what) or “кто” (kto-who). Nominative case also can be a set of word forms whether it is singular or plural, in addition there are six […]

How to Learn Russian for Beginners Easily

Russia is the largest country in the world which stretches from Northern Asia to most part of Eastern Europe. According to that fact, Russia has the potential as a country with large number of inhabitants from various ethnic whose along with them might carrying their ethnic languages. Language become identity for every nation, from the […]