5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

pechora seaWhat are you looking for in Russia sea? Is that enough when you know facts about 7 Wonderful facts of Barents Sea? Well, We want you to know more about the Russia sea. Russia have another unique and interesting sea beside Barent sea. The located is near Barents Sea. Well, your curiousity will leads you to the fullest facts of Pechora sea in Russia. Lets scroll down to know more about 5 The Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia.

1. Pechora Sea located

Pechora sea is an extension of Barents sea. Pechora sea located in southeastern Barents Sea. Pechora sea is bordered by :

  • Kolguyev Island to the west
  • Yugorsky Peninsula to the east
  • Novaya Zemlya to the north

It is average depth is 20 feet, but it reaches a maximum depth of 690 feet. There are a few island near Pechora Sea, but they have the largest island called Dolgiy Island.

2. Pechora Sea history

Before it was named Pechora Sea, The name of it is Sea of Murmansk. Sea of Murmansk is a largest of Sea in northwest Russia.  In 12th century, Pechora sea was usually used for first point or starting point from exploration. The explorer starting on this richest oilfield area. In 16th century, Pechora sea was opned up for military and political reason. There is uknown research why this sea named as Pechora sea, but you know now  a bit about the history value of Pechora Sea.

3. Pechora Sea is blocked by floating ice

Pechora sea has blocked by floating ice from November to June.  This icy sea was so incredible. The main river would entering the sea of Pechora. This happen because of the season in Russia. On the beginning of November, Russia will start the winter season, it is all cause Pechora sea is blocked by the floating ice. Get to know more Most Favorite Animals to Pet in Russia.

4. Pechora sea have an amazing amount of gasoline and oil

In Pechora sea, there are gasoline and oil field that contains so much . Because of this field, there are so many company that standing out up there. As a company, they have had produce oils and gasoline more than 5 tons per year, how an amazing facts they are! Beside that, the oils control among the floating ice is a different from another oil fields.

5. Pechora sea resources

There is more than oil and gas on Pechora sea. In Pechora sea you will find cod fish, beluga whales, walruses and polar bear. Beluga whales are rare now, because of their population is less more, Beluga whales become the animal that protected.Beluga whales is migrant from Karzaya Island during the winter. Polar bear and cod fish are the animal that lives too in Barents Sea.

6. Pros and Cons

Because of gas and oil field is the same place as animal that protected, World Wide Fund have a contra about this. Some ecology reason about gas and oil safe are dangerous to the animals. The exploration of gas and oil could bring a dangerous too ecosystem in Pechora sea. But, Russia did not take a seious action about this.

We have done tell you and explain to you more about Pechora Sea that located in northwest Russia. Is that facts shocked you? We hope a lot that this articles will give you an information briefly.

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