5 Interesting Facts about Kamchatka Peninsula

Do you ever heard about Kamchatka Peninsula? What is Kamchatka Peninsula? This is one of the famous peninsula in Russia.  What about some facts that we will give to you. Hope it would help you to know more about. Lets take a look.

Kamchatka Peninsula located in eastern Russia. It is 1250 square kilometers long, and its covers 370.000 square kilometers. The exactly located at Kamchatka Peninsula is between Pacific Ocean and Sea of Okhorsk. Lets jump in 5 Interesting Facts About Kamchatka Peninsula right below on this article.

Kamchatka Peninsula is Arranges by the Mountain Chains

Kamchatka Peninsula have volcanoes and it is listed on UNESCO world heritage site. Incredible, right? Kamchatka is one of the most incredible nature!  Why? because of the nature in Kamchatka Peninsula was an incredible. Read also 5 Surprising facts of Caspian Sea, Russia

This Peninsula has over 127 volcanoes right all around and 22 from 122 volcanoes are active. 22 Volcanoes which active is commonly as geyser and hotspring.  Kamchatka Peninsula have an extra volcanoes that places between the Sredinny or Central and also the Vostochny or Eastern which rise about 4.750 meters in Klyuchevskaya Volcano.

Flora, Fauna, and The Weather in Kamchatka Peninsula

When we talk about the weather in Russia, most of all, we thought that Russia is full of snow. And what about in Kamchatka Peninsula? Well, in Kamchatka Peninsula, the weather is absolutely change over the time. Weather change in Kamchatka Peninsula is totally severe. In a year,  when in cold and snowy, it could be the prolong weather. It also happen when in cool summer.

Most of all, in Kamchatka Peninsula is a tundra with mossen, Poplar and willow trees are often growth in Kamchatka Peninsula. One thing that is limited in here is Agriculture is limited. So, when they also have cattle and reindeer that lives in Kamchatka Peninsula, they kept in for protected reasons.

There Are Brown Bear That Lives on Kamchatka Peninsula

Brown bear alongside in Northern Kamchatka Peninsula would give you another experience! Brown bear in Kamchatka have some number of population. Another fact that you should know is, brown bear will appear on Spring and fall season. Its about in the middle of both season, brown bear will appear from their hibernation.

Temple of Sacred Trinity on Kamchatka Peninsula

There are an iconic temple of sacred trinity on Kamchatka Peninsula which located on Petrapavlovsk City. This temple have an unique design and also being the only one temple of Kamchatka Peninsula. When you visit Kamchatka Peninsula, you should visit too this sacred temple. This one would be add on your long list where to visit in Russia. Read also 5 Stunning Facts of Pechora Sea, Russia

Three Brothers Rock in Avacha Bay

In another article we had done explain it to you about the three brothers rocks on Avacha Bay. Well, we would like to give you another information about these Three Brothers Rocks. These three brothers rocks is located on Kamchatka Peninsula too. While specific located is on Avacha Bay, but because of Kamchatka Peninsula is about more wider than you thought before, so Avacha Bay is listed on Kamchatka Peninsula too.

Kamchatka Peninsula is Surrounded by Algal Bloom in 2013

Well, there are another fact that you should know. Algal bloom in 2013. Algal is an ancient things that still alive. Algal bloom in 2013 have ever shocked the whole world. Some researcher come to Kamchatka Peninsula to know this fact and research about this fact. [Adsense-C]

According to the researcher team, Algal bloom can causes of warming conditions that would make the deep water mixing on North Pacific. The results of upwelling of nutrients brought plankton on the surface go deeper, and also make a darker water. It is can causes of Glacial melt then release a burst of freshwater. Read More What is Like The First Day of Spring in Russia?

The Large Stratovolcano, Opala Volcano

Opala Volcano is a large stratovolcano which located in South Kamchatka about 50km west of the Easthern volcanic chains. There are the most prominent feature on the Opala’s foot which name ”Baranii Amphitheater”. Baranii Amphitheater is a large Novarupta which means type crater filled with an extrusive domes. Read Also 6 Things Russians Like To Do in Summer Season

Historical says about Opala volcano eruptions were known, but the alongside of it its just not as bigger as another volcano. Furthermore, the Opala Volcano have an eruptions on 300 years ago. Thats the biggest erupstion that written by historical.

Akademia Nauk Caldera at Kamchatka Peninsula

Akademia Nauk Caldera is a volcano that located in Southern Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. There are Caldera around the volcano, thats why the last name of this volcano caldera. This would be the last fact that you should know more.

We had done explain and describe more about  5 Interesting Fact About Kamchatka Peninsula for you. This place is a place for natural and endemic meet each other. The nature that Kamchatka Peninsula have are the best ! Lets visit Kamchatka Peninsula together!

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