10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Hello friends, now we meet again in this article. For now, we want you to know more about 10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit. Lets jump right in !

  • Seversk in Tomsk Oblast, Russia

Seversk is a city which located near Tomsk River. Seversk was a  closed city. Wellknows as Pyaty Pochtovy or Postal Code. Why we put this city on the first ? Lets scroll more. Seversk or known as Tomsk-7 is a site of Siberian Chemical Combine, which is means Seversk as a nuclear fabric. There are nuclear reactors and also reprocessing uranium and platonium. In 2003, both United States and Russia agreed to shut down the plutonium producing reactors. Since then, Seversk was a closed city. See Also Top 2 Russian Events that Held in February

In 1954, Seversk had 109 thousand people who lived in. After this city was closed, most of people in Seversk was moved onto Tomsk Oblast. Tomsk Oblas is about 15 kilometers from Seversk.

One thing that matter for your information, in 1993 nuclear accidents happen. A tank full of radioactive gas was explode when the tank was being cleaned with nitric acid, and its in one of the 10 worst nuclear disaster.

  • Vilyuchinsk in Kamchatka Krai, Russia

Vilyuchinsk is located in Kamchatka Krai, near Kamchatka Peninsula. It is 20 kilometers across Avacha Bay from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The population of this closed city is about 22.000 people. Vilyuchinsk is a based for submarine nuclear.

Beside that, Vilyuchinsk had a good condition in economy. The economy of this city was reliant on fishing and the processing of fish. Not only for fishing, in 1959 a repair ship industry was began to developed. See Also January In Russia, Enjoy These Magnificent Festivals You Can’t Miss

But, lack of economy in 2003 makes this city was closed for submarine based. And opened again as a new city wih new infrastructure. Hospital, waterpark, sports center, and nursery school was rebuilding in 2007 and opened legally by President Vladimir Putin.

  • Norilsk in Northernmost

Norilsk is a city that very famous on Russia. You may know about Norilsk though. Norilsk has more than a hundred thousands population of people. Norilsk is the biggest mining and also metallurgical complex in the world. Norilsk also being the most polluted city, because it happen Norilsk was produced over 2 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide for every year.

Norilsk has been closed in 2001, some people believed the reason behind this city closed are because of secret mining reserve, mining depots, and huge mineral reserved this city.

One thing you should know about this city is, there are no railway, no asphalt road. The only road in this city is end up to the airport. You should go through the thick snow, because Russia’s weather was almost winter in a year. Thars why the thick snow you should go through was very very thick.

  • Ozyorsk

Ozyorsk is a base for nuclear storage in 1947 until now. There are 15.000 people as the population there, but not for now. Ozyorsk was the most main plutonium producer for Soviet Era. There are double-barbed radiation because of the nuclear. See Also 9 Best and Popular Cinema Theater in St. Petersburg

Well, there are an explosion with four times more killed then another radiation. But no one knows, worlds wouldnt know about his explosion. Unfortunately, fact for this city for you is, more than 90.000 people still lived here and being isolated.

  • Zheleznogorsk

Zheleznogorsk is a closed city which located in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. This closed city in the past was established for weapon industry. Well, in the past there are recident who lived here. Most of recident are employed with by ISS Rehetnev.

Same thing happen with Zheleznogorsk and  Seversk. Russia and US signed an agreement to shut down  Zheleznogorsk. As same as Seversk. But, Seversk shut down in 2003, but Zheleznogorsk was shut down in 2010.

  • Mirny

Mirny is a closed city which located on hidden taiga forest of the Arkhangelsk Oblast. Mirny have a meaning which means peaceful. But, the situation is not as same as the meaning of the name. Mirny had cosmodrome and ballistic missile launching sites. Thats why this city was closed. Mirny had nuclear reaction too like another city above that we had explain to you.

One thing you should know more about Mirny is, Mirny is also a home to the second largest man-made hole in the world, only falling behind the Birmingham Copper Mine in Utah.

  • Shikhany

Shikhany is a closed city which located in Saratov Oblast, Russia. Shikhany is an unknown city before, until a secret agent died because of a poison that created on Shikhany. Poison named Salisbury which created in Shikhany. This poison is really dangerous. Shikhany was predicted had saved some large of amount of military poison substance. See Also Amazing History About the Day of Accord And Reconciliation in Russia

  • Sarov

Sarov is a closed city which located in Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia. Sarov is a well-known city because of the history of this city. Sarov was known as the holiest place for Russia Orthodox Church and also Sariv had The Oldest Church in Russia.

Sarov become a home for nuclear research and also become the biggest Russia center of nuclear reserch. This city have a highly secure. If you want to visit this city, you should leave your Passport, camera, and handphone. Your body will be check for twice or three time using metal detector. Well, there are soemthing in Sarov that world’s don’t know, thats why there are such a highly secure in Sarov. See Also 6 Reasons Why International Day Bartender is A Special Event in Russia

Sarov is wellknown because of UFO crashing in 1950. Also known as a place for Rocket test and satellites tiest.

We had done describing to you about 10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit. Hope this article help you to know more about Russia. And we hope that you have a clear mind after reading this article. Adding knowledge more about Russia is our job. We served the facts about Russia to you to inform you more about this country.

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