10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Hello friends, now we meet again in this article. For now, we want you to know more about 10 Mysterious Citites In Russia You Are Not Allowed To Visit. Lets jump right in ! Seversk in Tomsk Oblast, Russia Seversk is a city which located near Tomsk River. Seversk was a  closed city. Wellknows as […]

5 Paranormal places in Russia you can visit if you brave enough

Having such a largest country which consist of crowded and modern regions of Moscow and St. Petersburg and the silent far away regions of Yakutia and Siberia, Russia incorporates a vast range of land-forms and spans a total of 11 time zones. It shares land borders with countries like Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Poland etc. […]

6 Most Mysterious Places in Russia to Discover

Russia is not merely all about the gigantic Kremlin and the emblematic Red Square or numerous stunning churches in almost every region, but at some places, there are still some places which remain mysterious in terms of the unusual things that it has.  The mysterious places always attract people’s eagerness to discover it, despite of […]