12 Needed Items You Should Pack For 2 Weeks In Russia

packing listWho does not like to holiday? Especially if a holiday abroad. Have you ever thought about spending a vacation in Russia? Russia has many amazing destinations. Moscow is famous for technological advances but still maintains ancient Russian cultures. Another interesting city in Russia is St. Petersburg. This city in northern Russia has millions of interesting places. In addition, historic buildings in St. Petersburg will make your memori card full to take pictures.

In addition, St. Petersburg also has very tasty specialties. You must enjoy the typical food of St. Peterburg when visiting this city. If you travel to Russia within two weeks, it means you can have the opportunity to visit these two cities. Two weeks is a fairly free time to unwind while on vacation. Read this, 12 Needed Items You Should Pack For 2 Weeks In Russia :

1. ATM Card With VISA Logo

In Indonesia, there seems to be no exchange of Russian currency.  To exchange money Rubles can be done outside Indonesia or exchanged directly when in Russia using dollars. Remember, bring dollars, not Rupiah. Because you can’t exchange Rupiah with Rubles. That’s why bringing an atm that you can use in Russia is one solution. Find out what atm you can use abroad. This is also an advantage because you can also use it in other countries.

2. Photocopy of your travel document

Prepare your all travel documents such as passports, tickets, hotel payments and other accommodations. You should photocopy that stuff and safe in different bags. This helps you if you lose the document because the bag is left behind or robbed by someone else, so it can make temporary official documents. A simpler way is to save your important documents in the file that you saved on your mobile. You can show or print it as needed when in Russia.

3. Clothes that suitable with the season

Before going to Russia, make sure what season and check weather forecasts there. When visiting Russia during the summer you must keep carrying thick clothes. Summer in Russia has a temperature of 10-16 degrees which means it stays cool for Indonesians. When in Russia, wear comfortable clothes, especially shoes. In Russia, you will run more often, especially when riding public transportation. Buildings with a small number of floors do not have an elevator because they are old buildings. Choose shoes that are comfortable and light on your feet so you don’t get tired easily. Get ready to walk a lot here.

4. First aid and medicine for yourself

First aid boxes are important thing when traveling, to bring medicines that suit your personal needs. When you go to abroad, bringing your own medicine is an obligation. We never know what content is in drugs in other countries. Bringing medicines alone makes it easier when you need them. Don’t forget to bring vitamins when traveling.

5. Wet wipes

Even if you don’t carry a baby, wet wipes are very necessary when traveling long distances. If you don’t find soap to wash your hands after going to the restroom, or using public toilets, wet wipes can clean up in an emergency. Russian toilets are mostly dry toilets, unlike in Indonesia. To clean themselves, they use dry tissue provided in the toilet. For those of you who are forced to get used to this situation, you can bring wet tissue instead.

6. Universal Adapter

This item is important even though it is not on the vacation. Chargers will be more important if you travel to Russia. Not all charges in Russia match the needs of your gadget. In addition, taking it from home is more economical than buying in Russia.

7. Comfortable footwear when traveling

Adjust footwear with the destination country and don’t bring too many footwear. Wearing sneakers and sandals that can be used anywhere is enough.

8. Backpack

Don’t want to take the trouble to carry a suitcase while exploring? Backpacks become items that must be carried on long trips. So, when exploring a new place it will not be difficult to store drinks, snacks and cameras in a backpack.

9. Plastic bags

Not just light, this bag will really help you on the way to the beach or wet place. Separate wet items with dry in your bag using a plastic bag.

10. Snacks

During the trip, you may not get access to food that suits your taste. For this reason, snacks can be your satisfaction. Try to bring nutritious snacks, such as protein bars and biscuits.

11. Small towel

Carrying a small towel is important for all travel. In addition to saving your bag space, small towels are quickly drained and easily carried everywhere.

12. Anti rain jacket

We will never know the exact weather of the place visited, so prepare an anti rain jacket when traveling to protect you from the cold. The weather in Russia is rather unstable, but sometimes the sun is quite hot even though there was rain before. To avoid dizziness due to weather changes, you should get used to carrying umbrellas and hats. While a jacket is needed because the winds there are often cold, especially if at night.

That’s Needed Items You Should Pack For 2 Weeks In Russia. You just carry items that you need by yourself. If you like taking pictures like a celebrity, make sure you bring lots of clothes that match the tour you are going to visit. Two weeks is enough time for a vacation. Also check whether you might need an international sim in Russia. If possible, renting a car to drive by yourself in Russia seems like fun. Don’t worry, if you are muslims, there are many halal foods in Russia. There are also many halal restaurants in Moscow.

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