15 Things To Prepare For Beach Vacation In Russia

russian beach holidayThere are many amazing destination in Russia for you who like to traveling. Beach has always been a favorite tourist destination for people. Especially during the summer. The sound of waves, sunset or sunrise views, white sand, is a missed sight when traveling to the beach. Beach is one of the places that is pretty much hunted while on vacation. Besides offering beauty, the beach also has its own atmosphere to bring us more relaxation.

For those of you who are interested in going to the beach, make sure you also have equipment that can help you to enjoy the beach to the fullest. Here are 15 Things To Prepare For Beach Vacation In Russia :

1. Money

Money is the most important thing you have to carry anywhere. Especially for going to the beach, in addition to paying entrance fees, you also need money to buy beach food. Young coconut, honey pineapple, or even seafood provided there will help you enjoy this beach tour.

2. Identity Document

This is a common thing and you should carry it wherever you travel. Especially if you visit beaches abroad, especially Russia. Aside from being a means of self-identification in certain circumstances, sometimes some vehicle rental equipment also requires a number of your identity markers. Don’t let you not be able to rent a vehicle because it doesn’t bring this up.

3. Beach Hat

For those of you who want to play on the beach, of course don’t forget to bring this one. Besides being able to sweeten your photos, beach caps are also useful for counteracting the direct rays that will attack your body. Carrying a beach hat will help you to enjoy your beach tourism more.

4. Sunglasses

It’s not unusual anymore when most people use sunglasses on the beach. Indeed, to ward off glare due to the sun that shines so brightly on the coast. But besides that you can also make cool sunglasses as a stylish tool and take pictures during the beach tour. Sunglasses is the one of thing that you must wear in summertime.

5. Sunblock

Continuous sunshine on your body can make your skin burn. Of course this situation will make you very uncomfortable. Don’t forget to bring sunblock as a personal protective device during your beach tour. Even if you want to blacken your skin, using sunblock is still recommended. Because sunblock protect your skin from UV that danger for skin. So this is one of thing that important for female to summer vacation in Russia.

6. Relaxing Shirt

Indeed, when on vacation to the beach, synonymous with a seductive and relaxed atmosphere. Wear clothes that are loose enough so as not to make you “hot” while on the beach. Also make sure your clothes absorb sweat for extra comfort

7. Swimsuit

It feels incomplete when doing beach tourism but does not feel the waves that hit your body directly. Well, don’t forget to always prepare a swimsuit so you don’t have to carry a lot of clothes just to be wet. Wear swimsuits that are comfortable and fit your body size

8. “Casual” Clothes

Want to look cool on your photo while on the beach? You may set aside a casual shirt dress with shorts that match your appearance. Collaborated with beach hats and sunglasses, you are ready to style in front of the camera to capture the moments of your beach tour. Casual appearance will also beautify photos that will be a memento for you.

9. Camera

Beach tourism is closely related to photography. Yes, maybe you often find beaches with amazing panormas. Not to mention when there is a bonus sunset or sunrise there. Bring a camera that is sufficient for those of you who want to do beach tourism so that the resulting picture can be maximized.

10. Camera Housing/Plastic for Gadget Protector

For those of you who like to swim on the beach, of course capturing moments in the water will be the main attraction. Indeed this is a tertiary equipment for your camera, but carrying a camera home will make your photo perfect.  Nowadays there are many sellers who provide plastic or waterproof repellents for cellphones or pocket cameras. Use this protector so you don’t regret it. Don’t let your cellphone or pocket camera be accidentally plunged into sea water. This item is of course useful for those of you who do not want to miss the moment of vacation to the beach without documentation.

11. Snorkeling Tools

Many beaches offer incredible underwater beauty. Coral reefs and swimming fish will certainly make you amazed. Well, therefore, bring a set of snorkeling equipment to explore the beauty of the beach you are visiting

12. Dry Bag

Dry bag is a type of bag that makes all your luggage perfectly free from water baths. If you want to do a beach tour by boat, of course using a dry bag will save your luggage from all the risks of damage and wetness.

13. Plastic bags

Don’t forget to bring additional plastic bags for those of you who want to play on the beach. Wet swimsuits will immediately be separated from other luggage so as not to wet or even cause unpleasant odors for other items.

14. Towels

For those of you who play to the beach, don’t forget to bring a towel while on the beach. Wet body conditions are the things most likely to be experienced in addition to sweating. Bringing a dry type of towel will also make it easier for you to pack it in your bag.

15. Drink

Hot weather can make the body become dehydrated. This is quite dangerous for your body when playing on the beach with the sun. Bringing drinks will reduce this risk. Moreover, not necessarily the beach you visit has a drink seller.

Thats all 15 Things To Prepare For Beach Vacation In Russia. Go to the beach is the one of favorite thing to do by Russian in summertime. Beside they can feel nice and warm weather, they can enjoy some foods that most suits for summer season. Are you ready for summer beach vacation in Russia?

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