Effective Tips To Do One Week Trip To Russia With a Carry On Luggage

Visiting Russia during the holidays can be fun. Besides having many beautiful places, Russia has a unique architecture. It can be seen from ancient Russian buildings but still sturdy. To visit Russia, of course you have to do basic things. Flight tickets and hotel rooms have been booked, a list of destinations that you want to go to has been made. Alternative transportation is already on the list, the vacation schedule from arrival to leaving home is in hand, then what’s left? Packing items into a suitcase.

Some of the travelers are people who are so excited when planning their vacation. Starting from airline ticket bookings, hotels, alternative transportation, budget, to the smallest things related to the holiday. But after one day before departure the spirit began to loose, just because of one thing: packing.

Packing items into a suitcase can be unpleasant especially if your suitcase is too small for all your needs. Maybe your suitcase is in accordance with the capacity of the items you will carry. The wrong packing method makes the suitcase “relieved” to be “narrow.” Here are effective tips to do one week trip to Russia with a carry on luggage :

1. Don’t be stacked, but rolled up your clothes

Piling clothes in a suitcase like you stack it in a closet is a mistake, because it can take up a lot of space in your suitcase. In order for your cop to have more space “relieved” roll the clothes that you will bring. Like T-shirts, swimsuits, cloth skirts, to jersey. If you are the type of person who prefers carrying lots of clothes just in case, then this method is the best way to increase the number of clothes you can carry.

2. Place your clothes in vacuum bag

Airtight bags or vacuum bags can be a good choice for carrying jackets, bed linen, children’s clothes, to soft toys. This bag can ‘shrink’ the size of the clothes and help you save more space for other items. You can also use this bag to store dirty clothes that you wear while on vacation.

3. Use the ‘Pyramid’ Principle

First of all, put your shoes on the bottom of the suitcase, along with jeans or other tangled clothes. This section will be wrapping other items. Place it lengthwise and do not roll. Then enter the clothes that you have rolled as the middle part of the pyramid. After that, enter items that are fragile and fragile, such as cosmetics, accessories, or documents at the very top of the pyramid of your suitcase. The final step is to wrap the items with the rest of your jeans.

4. Don’t Bring Umbrella

In case of bad weather, you think carrying an umbrella is a good idea. But umbrellas eat quite a lot of places on your clutch and do not protect you from rain with strong winds. Instead, bring a light raincoat. So you don’t need to worry when it’s cloudy. It would be better to buy a disposable raincoat that you can dispose of after using it.

5. Mini Size Cosmetics

Most women have more than one type of care and cosmetic products. If you bring it all, it will make your ‘fat’ letter not messy. To save space, buy care products and cosmetics in small sizes. You can buy bottles or special repack packaging when traveling.

6. Packing Small Items in the Right Way

Carrying small items when traveling sometimes makes you confused for fear of being scattered. To bring a necklace, ring and earrings or other small accessories, you can buy a pillbox. As for socks, tights or leggings, USB, until the glasses, you can put them in the shoes.

7. Use a Hanger

Sometimes you have to bring valuable ‘beautiful’ clothes during a holiday trip for an official dinner or a romantic dinner with your partner. You can use a hanger and put it in a special plastic or suitcase. Do not put this type of clothing in the suitcase. To make sure it is in good condition, you can hang it on the place provided on the plane or train.

8. Bring enough medicine

Bring medicines and vitamins to maintain your health during your journey to taste. Medications must match the portion you need. You don’t need to bring the entire first aid box in the house especially with the storage box.

9. Don’t leave empty space

When you are on vacation, you are thinking of providing some space to put souvenirs that you will take home later. However, empty space in a suitcase can cause collisions of objects inside. So, to overcome this empty space, you can insert paper blobs or something.

10. Bring Things You Really Need

Items such as notebooks, digital cameras, or travel guide books, just put them at home. If you really have to bring a camera, don’t forget to roll it with a jacket like clothes to keep it from collision. Instead of a travel book guide, you can search through the internet or buy a travel guide e-book. You can find items such as a hairdryer at the hotel, so there is no need to bother carrying it from home.

Thats all effective tips to do one week trip to Russia with a carry on luggage. Don’t forget to bring your camera and universal charge to capture the moment. Items that needed to Russia in the summer are of course different from the packing items to Russia in the winter. This is what you should pay attention to. Really make sure you visit Russia in what season. Actually visiting Russia during any season has its own features. There are many places that are very suitable to visit during the winter in Russia. In addition, there are many Russian foods that popular in winter season.

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