8 Easy Ways to Learn Russian Language in A Day

Russian is known as a language that is difficult to learn. Because the language is a group of slavic languages that ​​has complicated grammar arrangement. Plus the look of Cyrillic letters are used to reinforce the impression that the Russian language is a strange language. There are easy ways to learn russian language in a day. Read also tips learn russian language.

8 Easy Ways to Learn Russian Language in A Day

However, the fact is not so. In Bali, there are hundreds people scattered working in hotels, restaurants, villas, guides and even a driver capable of communicating in Russian. From just simply able to convey greetings, simple expressions. From the categories language market until they communicate like native Russians. Whereas they are not a Russian literature graduate from a college, or who have lived in Russia. How come? They only learn self-taught. Its a brave result of direct practice with Russian tourists who are on vacation in Bali. And here’s the 8 easy ways to learn russian language in a day.

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1. Start with a strong will

Before you do anything, first find a strong reason, why you will do it. Includes learning Russian. This may sound simple, but it is very influential on the completeness of your goal later. There are various reasons why people flock to learn Russian. Call it among others: want to improve career, improve the financial family. Once you find a strong reason, then do what you decide. Perhaps in your journey you will experience a wav of ups and downs of the mood, including the spirit of fighting. It’s a natural thing, but try to stay diligent while recalling the strong reasons, what background You begin to learn Russian. Then try to respect yourself by using the philosophy of “finish every what I start”.

2. Start with the first 100 words then minimum 10 words per day

Brain power motivator Tony Buzan through his book “use your head” in his best-selling book, said that: to learn any new language, starting with 100 compulsory words. Whatever language you learn, start by knowing the 100 words. The survey proves these words, most commonly used in everyday conversations. Especially for beginners and continued with the next vocabulary. Then you must memorize 10 words per day. Its easy ways to learn russian language in a day.

3. Watch Russian Television

Learning the language can also be through TV, and this can make us feel more relaxed compared to learning in the classroom. With this method, we can learn while looking at cartoons, documentary films, action films while sitting on the couch. One of the most famous Russian Tvs is the RTR, you can watch through cable TV networks. The show is very varied and interesting. Hearing and watching Tv is very helpful in strengthening your listening ability (listening ability). In addition to get to know pronunciation, we can also get a new vocabulary along with civilization, promiscuity and advance information technology.

4. Start by translating daily activities

The one-mile move begins with a single step. Also in learning a foreign language. Easy ways to learn russian language in a day is start by translating greetings, agreeing, rejecting, offering, other expressions that are often disclosed. And the last is the language into which Russian you are doing.

5. Listen to the Russian song

Listening to the songs in the Russian language we learn, it helps us to strengthen the emotions in learning. Because whatever we do when we do with the joy of learning and memory quality will be much better. Currently a lot of singers-Russian singers who have good voice. Its highly recommend listening to songs with pop genre and reff.

6. Practice, practice and practice.

No matter how much knowledge you know, many or few, it will not work as long as it’s never applied.
Most people have not dared to practice, because they do not feel the understanding of grammar that is true and clear. For the first step is: priority vocabulary first as capital to speak, then as we improve the grammar.
Long before, a famous kung fu legend Bruce Lee expressing an inspirational statement: “to know is nothing but applying what you are now everything”.

7. Find russian friends

After knowing the vocabulary, brave you to find friends who invited to dialogue. Practice with your friends even foreigners even tourists. With the native people as our conversational friends have much better quality than local people who using tapes or other stone tools. The Internet is one of the best alternatives to learning the language. You can find Russian friend by social media. Such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and many others. Be active on your social media with them everyday. So you can learn russian faster.

8. Read everything in russian

In today’s modern-day language learning can not only be done by theory alone. We have to practice it directly either through direct talk or reading articles. To have more vocabulary and words, you can also read everything in russian alphabet. First, you will able to understand the headline of the article. But next you will understand all the tenses in that article. Make your time everyday to read this kind article. In condition, you already remember the alphabet, and some words. Thats easy ways to learn russian language in a day.

Once you have mastered the Russian language well, it is very easy for you to learn other foreign languages ​​such as: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Slovan, Serbian and Croatian, since Russian and the above-mentioned languages ​​are slavic language where slavik itself is rooted in indo-european languages. Learning the language can be found in places we did not expect before. Therefore, we must be more sensitive to the environment. Because, we can also learn the language by listening and observing.

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