8 Worth Reasons For You To Start Study Medicine In Russia

If you need more reasons why is it worth for you to start study medicine all the way across half the globe in Russia, it is understandable. The various heavy load of How To Prepare Yourself Studying Medicine In Russia and the long years will make anyone second guess themselves. If you need more worth reasons […]

7 Things To Expect When You Become An International Student In Russia

The massive promotion about the great and amazing life as an International Students may sound too good to be true. There are facts about Advantages Of Studying In Russia For International Students that in reality may differ for other people. University can claim many things, surveys and review can depict excellent numbers. But are you among […]

13 Best Economic Universities in Russia

The economy is not the first major that you think of when someone mentions Russia. Although the fact remains Russia as one of the prominent University destinations that attract International student due to ins supportive Facts Of Education In Russia. Here are some Russian best economic universities in the country. 1. The Higher School of Economics […]

11 Best Diploma Programs In Russia 2019 for International Students

The Facts Of Education In Russia system has developed over the years. You need to familiarize yourself with the educational system In Russia and all the wide variety of programs at all levels and also one of the best diploma programs in the world. With a huge variety of popular courses in Russia, Russia is a favorite country to […]

7 Best Universities To Study Arts In Russia

One of the last remaining country that preserves classical art so well that it is the best place to study is in Russia. A fast-growing country in the world after the fall of the Soviet Union the world got to see all the artistic beauty. It spread across the nation from their History Of The Beautiful Catherine […]

7 Unknown Facts of Education Market in Russia

Being the world’s most literate country, Russia has still expanded the effort to get recognized internationally in the world education markets. Russia education market is very promising to the economic growth. As the system education is already well designed, along with the cheap cost living, studying in Russia is a worth it, both for local […]

3 Steamiest Russian Romance Books That Everyone Must Read

Everything about romance is always interesting to discuss, read, or hear. Because love is a gift from God that must be felt by all humans. Love makes all aspects of life more interesting. Love affects many aspects of our lives. Very hypocritical if someone says he is not interested in something related to love. Without […]

5 Freaking Great Russian Authors You Must Read

Everyone has a different passion in themselves. a passion will greatly affect one’s life. However, there are some who want to fight for their passion and some who ignore it. One passion that is very unique and not shared by everyone is the desire to write. For some people, writing creative writings such as fiction, […]

4 Self-Study Principles To Manage Your Attention To Learn Russian Language

Learning languages ​​is a must in this day. The increasingly rapid flow of globalization, technological development, and also education are a number of influencing factors. If you only master your native language, in this age there will be no big influence. You should start trying to learn a foreign language that you are interested in. […]

How To Find Perfect Time For Learning Russian Language?

It’s normal when we hear someone able to speak English well. This encourages people today to learn foreign languages ​​other than English. Because learning languages ​​will not be in vain. When you master a foreign language, it is very useful for you. Without you realizing it, if you master a foreign language and can use […]