6 Effective Ways Learning Russian Language Even If You Never Get Fluent

learn russianEvery country has a different language. Not only that, even some regions in one country can have different languages. But every country must have a united language that is used officially and publicly. If the language in each country is different, then how do we interact with people in other countries?

Of course, we cannot live only by relying on our own country. Cooperation must be needed in various ways from one country to another. And the world agreed that the international language that can be used when interacting with residents of other countries is English. However, as time went on and technology, English became an ordinary thing. And people are competing to learn other languages ​​they like, and maybe they hope to visit that place one day.

And for those of you who are always interested in Russia, of course you want to learn Russian. So you can talk and have friends from that country. Because language is an intermediary for interaction. Russia has become a very interesting country, especially its very beautiful cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg. By mastering Russian, you will get more information and friends from this country.

If you want to learn Russian, you must know how you start and find the best way to do it. In this article, we will help you to master Russian. This is a kind of tips and tricks. Here are 6 effective Russian language learning ways if you never get fluent.

1. Find Out Why You Want To Learn Russian Language

This is the earliest way you have to do it. You must know why you study Russian language. Without you knowing this is what will make you mean it or lazy. When you want to learn Russian just to fill your free time or out of curiosity, you usually won’t do it diligently. However, when you want to learn Russian because you want to go to school there, or work there, marry Russian people, or travel to Russia because you love everything about Russia, maybe this will help. Because these things make you obsessed and have a strong determination to do it until you succeed. So the first thing, know your intentions and goals!

2. Start By Studying The Cyrillic Alphabet

The next way is to start by learning the Cyrillic alphabet. That is Russian alphabet. You can learn it through books, the internet, and also language course teachers. This alphabet is the same as the English alphabet. But the shape of the letters is different and some sounds. Of course to understand this you need help with Google Translate or your course teacher.

When you know the sounds and letters, try to find a few words with sounds like those letters. And you can also practice writing this Cyrillic alphabet. When you understand it enough, you can proceed to the next stage.

3. Use Authentic Media Help

This method can help you learn Russian quickly, but you must diligently and diligently repeat. With the help of authentic media, you can listen and repeat the words mentioned by the original speaker. And of course this will help you slowly understand the words and pronunciation in Russian.

One application that we recommend to help you learn Russian is FluentU. FluentU displays video conversations in the real world such as music, film footage and news. And each video also displays captions. And you can also click on words that you might still be confused, and see them in other video footage.

Not only that, FluentU also provides quizzes for you. Then you can see your answer is right or wrong. You can do this quiz every day, to know your progress and your mistakes. This media will certainly help you understand Russian quickly.

Another media that can help you is google translate. You can click the speaker sign in the right corner. Then the speaker will say a word that you don’t know how to pronounce it. And don’t forget to record it in your notebook. This applies when you study alone, without the help of a teacher.

4. Learn Common Words

The next method is the same when you learn English. You must not learn words that are too difficult. Learn and know common words that are often used. You can start with a basic conversation or greeting words. Remember! Do not immediately learn to difficult words, this will make you confused and finally stop learning Russian.

When you start from an ordinary conversation, it is certainly very pleasant. You can use YouTube to search for basic words or conversations mentioned by native speakers. Don’t forget, to record and practice it every day in your home. You must have a target. For example, in one day you have to memorize 5 words or 5 greeting words in Russian. Then always repeat the word you have memorized. Don’t give up, you can do it.

5. Make A Few Sentences Or Conversations With Words That You Know

Next you have to train your memory. Make a few sentences or a conversation with the words that you have memorized. You only need to make a simple conversation. Then try saying the conversation you made in front of the mirror. Don’t hesitate to do this. Previously, you also had to know how to pronounce it. You can use google translate help as we explained earlier.

6. Communicate With Russian People

You must be confused, where to look for Russian people in Indonesia? Or should you go to Russia? Not. With the help of increasingly sophisticated technology you don’t need to complicate yourself. You can communicate with native Russians with social media assistance. They will be very happy to help you learn their language, and they will be more than happy to help you when you know the history and culture of their country. you have to be smart to make them sympathize with you.

The social media that you can use include MEEFF and HelloTalk. In this application you can determine which population you want to communicate with. You can choose Russia, or other countries. You can also determine the age of the friend you are looking for. This application will definitely make you comfortable.

When you find a real Russian person, tell him that you are very interested in Russia and want to learn Russian. They will definitely help you and correct you when there is a mistake. This is the most appropriate way to make you able to master Russian quickly and correctly.

Language is something very important. Humans will not be able to live without language. With language, humans can get what they need through interaction with one another. Can you imagine what happens when the language doesn’t exist? Maybe we will be confused with each other’s intentions. However, language unites and helps people get what they need.

For those of you who want to master the Russian language properly and correctly, those are 6 effective Russian language learning ways even if you never get fluent. If you diligently study it, you can do it. You have to do it step by step with patience. Good luck!

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