14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online For Free

Nowadays, learning a foreign language is an important requirement. But as we know that learning foreign languages through counseling institutions is too expensive and need more time. Actually there are best way to learn russian online free.

14 Best Way to Learn Russian Online Free

Russian is one of the languages ​​that dominate the book market. Many Russian writers wrote literary book in the world. Therefore many books are translated from Russian. Russians also loves reading, so translators always have a lot of work. You can read Reason You Must Learn Russian.

Russian grammar is structured very systematically. This is an advantage for people who like to think analytically and logically. The Russian language is really worth learning. Russian is an important language in science, art, and technology. It will be nice to read the famous literary works of Russia in the original text, isn’t it? There are best way to learn Russian online free.

1. Masterrussian.com

masterrussian.com is one of website that contain Russian. You can learn Russian by this website. You will find out Russian alphabet to pronunciation intonation. This website is complete. Choose articles about russian according to your ability.

2. The Easy Ten

“Learn a language with ten words per day” is the motto of The Easy Ten application. You can choose words from a number of theme groups. This app will arrange them in an interesting format. Including pronunciation practice and audio tests. This is a very interesting app to learn Russian language. It is suitable for you who can not be separated from their mobile phones. This including direct notifications and the possibility to access them through social networks. Thus, you can invite friends to compete in the quiz. This application is available free both in the App Store and Google Play.

3. Openculture.com

This website is dedicated to learning culture based on language education. If you attend classes on this site, you can learn a foreign language as well as experience of cultural recognition.

4. Memrise

Memorizing is one of the keys when you learning a language. Memrise will make the process of your memorizing easier. Memrise has several steps by using a game based approach.

5. LearnaLanguage.com

This site delivers in visual language that makes learning sessions fun. This site can also provide several different interactive experiences. You can choose the language and you will be taken to an interesting visual material.

6. Hinative.com

Do you want to learn the language of the native? This place is the answer. Hinative is a question and answer community about language. In Hinative you can meet with the experts. So you can talk directly to the native how to spell something, or ask if your translation is good or not.

7. Duolingo.com

Learn Russian in just 5 minutes per day with game-like lessons. Whether you are a beginner or not, Duolingo is proving to be successful. This site suits for you who starting from the basics. Its also suit for you who just looking for a place to practice reading, writing and speaking. Duolingo is a combination of free sites, cool sites and full language sites. Its almost the same as other similar sites. You can pick up some classes where you can manage your own development. There are many teachers who will give you feedback. A study shows that 34 hours in Duolingo is equivalent to 1 semester of a university language class.

8. Byki.com

If you focus more on learning the language with cards, you might like Byki.com. There are two options, free and paid. You can take some classes for free. This site can also be opened through your gadget easily. Its not decrease performance of your gadget.

9. Busuu.com

Busuu is a social website that allows users to register and choose the language they want to learn. Busuu users can interact with native speakers and test their own language skills. This is a great choice for you to learn the language through social experimentation.

10. BestEssay.Education

Bestessay.education is good for students whose their original language is not English. There are various bright and talented students in this site. Actually, this site full of smart student around the world. Their english skill have been tested.

11. Babbel

Babbel.com is a site that offers its visitors to learn multiple languages for free. You can learn Portuguese, English, German and Russian. Babbel site is very friendly to use through the device. It has advantages that allow you to learn a foreign language directly.

12. goethe-verlag.com

The MP3 files in the lesson are spoken by native speakers. These files make learning pronunciation easier. Even beginners can learn Russian efficiently with practical sentences in book2.

First, you will learn the basics of the language. Examples of dialogs will help you speak in a foreign language. Even advanced learners can refresh and strengthen their knowledge. You will learn frequently used phrases and can immediately use them. You will be able to communicate in some situations. Use your break or journey to learn Russian for a few minutes. You can learn on the go or at home. Even is you are in the way, you still can learn.

13. www.learnrussian.rt.com

RT Russian Media recommends for you who want to learn Russian from beginner level. Even you join free Russian language course starting from alphabet. Meanwhile, for you who already know the letters of Cyril, can take the course with more complicated material. The lessons provided by the RT consist of a number of materials ranging from easy exercises to grammatical tables and tests. See also Learn Russian for Beginner.

14. learnrussianlanguage.net

And the last, just like you did now. You must open this website if you interest with Russian. It contains everything about russian. From learning language, russian culture, russian music, and characteristic russian people. Grow your motivation by read article in this website. Visit learnrussianlanguage.net

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