8 Worst Pet Animals to Pet in Russia

People love cute and cuddly pets. Pets are the ones that we interact with once we had done enough with humans. They are less complaining than humans and scientific researches have proven that pets could help to relieve stress and anxiety. But some pets could give you more headaches than people do, especially when you live […]

8 Things You Need to Know About Russian Bear

It is been known to every people around the world that the brown bear is the symbol of Russia. In modern Russia, brown bears are used in logos, cartoons, dramatic play characters and so on. In a Russian perspective, bears are cunning, strong, yet caring animals. These traits are commonly shared in the majority of Russian […]

6 Animals That Live in Lake Baikal, Russia

Lake Baikal is southern Siberia, it is precisely between Irkutsk Oblast and the Buryat Republic. Lake Baikal derives from Mongolian language that means Nature Lake. It is the clearer, the deepest and the largest freshwater in the world. It contains 23,615.39 km3 (5,670 cu mi) of fresh water that equals to 22–23% of the world’s fresh surface water. With such number, Lake Baikal contains more […]

7 Endemic Animals That Live in Ural Mountains

After knowing several facts and surprising things in Ural Mountains, you have to know about 7 animals that live in Ural Mountains. 1. Wolverine Wolverine also refers to carcajou, glutton, quickhatch, or skunk bear. It is the largest animal in the family of Mustelidae that lives on land. Due to its size and strength, it resembles small bears […]

3 Sweet Facts You Need To Know About Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats, What Are They? Siberian cats are originated none other than Russia. It is one of the common breeds as housecat in Russia. It is estimated to exist since 1,000 years ago. Its size were around medium to large according to cat’s measurement. The average weight is between 14 to 21 pounds with males […]