Russian Winter Festival is the Best Way to Have Memorable New Year Events

While New Year is celebrated almost everywhere around the globe in common ways like having parties, lighting fireworks, gather with friends and family, you can always choose to experience something different and involve culture from a foreign place to spice up the change of year. One of the best choices for this matter is to […]

New Year Celebration In Soviet Union

The new year is something that must be celebrated according to most people in the world. the new year must be welcomed with joy, hoping to get everything better than the previous year. Every country has its own tradition of celebrating the new year. Although in different ways, everyone is very happy to welcome the […]

9 Russian Appetizers to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Russia has its own festive way to celebrate New Year. While common country has only a short period of holiday, the Russian has the status of holiday supreme, in which the holiday length for at least 2 weeks to 4 weeks in row. Actually the holiday cycle starts from Catholic Christmas on December 25th, followed […]

Symbols and Tradition of New Year in Russia

Most Russians celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and close friends. New year’s celebration in Russia comes from the celebration of Christmas. Big holiday in Russia is Christmas before Communist Party have banned the religious festivities. Russians celebrate the New Year as much as possible as Christmas, but exclude the religious aspect. Its  compensation because […]