11 Trams That Became Symbols in Russia

trams in RussiaThe Russian trams are a great way to travel across the vast Russian Geography. Moreover, It has extensive networks with more than 71 stations in each city with about 100 tracks. Therefore, If you travel in a budget use the trams. Russian trams serve the best taste of Russian daily life.

It is a great way to get from one place to another while sightseeing many famous places in Russia that worth to see.

Russian Trams the Symbol of Russia

Russian trams go through the city so you can enjoy the most historical places in Russia from your seat. It is really great to enjoy Russia. Here we have compiled several Russian trams that have become the symbol of Russia.

  1. Struve tram

Surprisingly, the first electric tram in Russian didn’t appear in the big cities. trams that evolve from the konka-Russian horse cart, back in Kiev on June 1, 1892. It marks the chain development of trams. In addition, They run through miles as a means of transportation. The Struve tram is simple in design and depicts old Russia. If you manage to find this trams you will experience a journey back in time, with no window your view to sceneries very clear.

  1. MB

Another traditional old fashioned Russian trams back from the classical era. It runs along side the street of Saint Petersburg. Travelers can enjoy the best historical spots calmly as this tram go slow around the city. This British design tram was very popular in the early 20th century. Moreover, it significantly influenced the traditions decoration at that time.

  1. МS-1

The famous series trams that purely develop by Russian with Russian Company mark the national development agenda during its time 1927. The MS-1 experience several redesign and remodeling and very useful during the Civil War. This Russian trams experience and witness many hardships in the blockaded Leningrad. However, it prove to be a great means of transport during a hard time.

  1. МТV-82

The Russian trams are simple and maintain its simplicity throughout time. So, when this tram was launched, it represents simplicity, reliability and durability at its best. The MTV-82 sprung the Soviet cities for more over than 40 years. However, trams do have their due date. Many of this model experience conversion in the early 2000s. Russian people can still see these trams in the city street as service trams. It become a symbol of Russia and attract many visitors.

  1. LM-57

These Russian trams have an unofficial nickname “Dandy.” That stuck for ages. The name come up due to its colorful color of shocking yellow and various color combinations. It also has more modern decorations, that brighten the cities. The coloring and riching decors from the first version give lively vibes to the surrounding area. Although it receives several modest transformations, the name never changes.

  1. Tatra T3

Tatra T3 is a Czech ČKD engineering company productions. Russian government bought these trams from 1960 till 1999. The simple design became the most popular tram among Russian trams. There were 0ver than 11,000 trams enter the country which some still functions. Moreover, the Tatra t3 undergo several modifications to ensure safety and convenience.

  1. КТМ-5

Russia government created the KTM-5 in 1969. The design is highly influenced for a various special purpose. It can be acted cargo trams, snow blowers, service trams,  tugs etc. In addition with its slim feature ensure speed and comfort. The Russian history recognizes this Russian trams version of the most numerous tram ever build in the world.

  1. 71-409

This red and white tram runs in the Volgograd Region since 2011. The 71-409 tram is the first Russian design with a fully low-floor tram. However, it is not a common typical Russian tram, you don’t see this feature in other trams. It is designed to ease and accelerate the process of load and unload passengers.

  1. Pesa Fokstrot (71-414)

This tram is a joint venture effort from Russia’s Uralvagonzavod famous transportation company and Poland’s Pesa SA rail vehicle manufacturer. They manage to produce an electric grey silver Pesa Foxtrot sleeks design. These Russian trams roam the vibrant fashionable Moscow street style. However, The Russian love it so much, they adopt these trams to operation in other cities.

  1. 71−931 Vityaz

This model is the latest of its kind. In time, Russian think hard how to accommodate a durable design that emphasizes in speed. This tram comes as an answer. The world knows this trams as the freshest Russian tram projects and launches in 2014. Moreover, the 71-931 Vityaz (Knight) consists of three-unit six-axle fully low-floor trams.

The Russians welcome these models and adopt it into their transportation systems of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Krasnodar. You can get comfortable and sightseeing over famous landmark of red square Moscow, enjoy the landscape of Sait Petersburg and other beautiful cities.

  1. Innoprom – 2014

This sophisticated Russian tram differs from other trams. The material is more modern and has futuristic features. Russia-based transportation production company Uralvagonzavod announce their futuristic trams at the Innoprom-2014. They called it the ‘Russia One’ or simply ‘R1’. Moreover, the trams can run as fast as kilometers on batteries alone. This innovative team has a special overhanging cabin nose. It enables the driver to have a 30% wider view around the line which can minimize road accidents.

Any safety feature always attracts many fans of Russian trams. Its also has a very modern interior with stylish design. Moreover, the best feature of this tram is its huge passengers capacity. It can carry up to 190-270 passengers at one time, depending on its configuration.

Despite its sleek exterior design, the construction is very cost-efficient. Consequently, the body design from composition materials combines with Russia-made bogies create a vital area where wheels meet rails.  Moreover, all the above features create a significantly cheaper tram for people to take.

There you have it, some of the best Russian trams that you can take during your stay in Russia. You can find it everywhere in it will take you anywhere. It is still a great way to roaming the city beside the facts other means of transportation is developing and gaining popularity.

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