8 Things You Need to Know About Russian Bear

It is been known to every people around the world that the brown bear is the symbol of Russia. In modern Russia, brown bears are used in logos, cartoons, dramatic play characters and so on. In a Russian perspective, bears are cunning, strong, yet caring animals. These traits are commonly shared in the majority of Russian […]

12 Most Iconic Food Brands From Russia You Should Know!

Russia is a very nationalist country where they have their own iconic food brand that able to compete with international brands. American food brand or even food chains that receive great response outside America has a different response in Russia. Therefore, there are many iconic food brands that cover most Things You Need To Taste […]

13 Iconic Russian Books To Read Before You Die!

When some say, Russian, you immediately think about Moscow, Kremlin, Winter, and Anna Karenina. You can Get To Know The Russian Icons and can’t forget about Russian books. Russia is the land far away from full of stories and has a wide collection of Greatest Russian Novels Everyone Should Read. Here are some of the Russian Iconic […]