3 Amazing Things to do In Sochi during New Year Vacation

One of the most popular New Year’s destinations in Russia is the city of Sochi, and this is not surprising. A large number of accommodation options, beautiful nature, well-developed infrastructure – all this makes for a trip to Sochi for the New Year. The climate in Sochi during this time of year is mild: the […]

Pick These Things Up on Your Pocket to Celebrate the Russian New Year!

Welcoming the new year is a time when everyone is happy because they can gather with their family or closest friends. They will prepare as much as possible about all events or similar things that they will hold. It doesn’t matter what the example is. Each country has its own preparations to celebrate the New […]

Why Does Russian People Celebrate the New Year by Skating in The Red Square?

There are many ways that we can do to welcome the new year that will soon arrive. Whether you do it around your residence or do it at the same time on holiday abroad. People will choose their own way to have fun during the new year. If you plan to go to Russia during […]

5 Values of Russian New Year’s Ball

The new year is coming soon! Many people welcomed the new year with joy. There will be many activities that can be done because it is a holiday. Everyone will have fun when the new year holiday comes because they can spend time with family and close friends. Many countries in the world usually carry […]

7 Best Spots to Enjoy New Year 2020 in Russia

New Year festivity ought to be not like anybody has ever celebrated before, particularly with regards to absorbing the exquisite vibes of Russia. The astonishing crowds, Red Square and Cathedrals brightened with lights, and the astounding firecrackers are the best method to celebrate the upcoming year of 2020. New Year is the point at which […]

What Russians Do to Welcome New Year’s Eve

Because Russia still applies two calendars; Gregorian – the New Calendar and Julian – the Old Calendar, the country celebrates two New Years. The new one on the 1st of January, and the old one on January 14. Naturally, they have two New Year’s Eves too. In Russia the celebration of the change of year […]

New Year Celebration In Soviet Union

The new year is something that must be celebrated according to most people in the world. the new year must be welcomed with joy, hoping to get everything better than the previous year. Every country has its own tradition of celebrating the new year. Although in different ways, everyone is very happy to welcome the […]

Symbols and Tradition of New Year in Russia

Most Russians celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and close friends. New year’s celebration in Russia comes from the celebration of Christmas. Big holiday in Russia is Christmas before Communist Party have banned the religious festivities. Russians celebrate the New Year as much as possible as Christmas, but exclude the religious aspect. Its  compensation because […]