8 Diet Secret of Russian Women For You to Copy

diet of russian womanIf we talked about Russian women, sure we will remember how beauty and proportional they are. Russian is known as a perfect human, both the man and the woman. They have a beautiful face, skin, eyes and even their hair is shinning so wonderfully. Other than the beauty, Russian is also featured with a perfect body shape.

They have slim and tall body that make them look like a living doll in the world. Even they born perfect, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t do anything to maintain their proportional body. They still do Diet in order to keep their body in a good shape and condition. In this article, you will know some of the Diet Secret of Russian women for you to copy, such as:

  • Water

As we know, that water is an important thing substance for our body. It gives us a good effect for the body. And for the Russian, they believe that by drinking water, it will keep your stomach feel full and make you won’t take any snack and adding the food.

Other than that, drinking a lot of water also make the body healthier since it can cleans the body from any toxin. Just drink the water as much as you can and try to avoid the soft drink, coffee and other caffeine – contained drink. Because even you use the best local cosmetics brand from Russia, you are still won’t look as good as the Russian women if you are not healthy.

  • Live actively

Second diet secret of Russian women is to live your live actively. Active here means, you should do anything on your own. For example, you want to go to the grocery to buy some vegetables, so you should go there by your own by take bicycle in order to burn the calories. Or else, you can go to work by the public transportations and take a walk while you are going.  Live actively is one of the basic facts about life in Russian. By actively move your body, it will help you losing weight by burning the calories and cleanses of the toxin off of the body.

  • Swimming

Other sport to keep the body in the good shape is to swim. They love to swim, even in a really cold weather. There is a tradition that the Russian swim along the year. Swimming is making the body in a very good posture, and makes the body become taller. Also, it can make the breathing better, so you can get the healthier body and also help you to burn the calories and make the lose weight program more fun. So, you can get more beautiful by using the best local cosmetics brand from Russia and also from your lifestyle and sport.

  • Less Junk food

Junk food is the best seducer for the one who want to do the diet. Since the junk food always has a great taste that make we want it more and more, it is normal to be addicted to junk food. But by eating junk food that contained much bad fat and other bad substance, it will give a bad effect to the body.

So, if you want to stay healthy with a proportional body weight, you should avoid the junk food.  Russian is loved to make any food at home using the fresh ingredients from their own garden.  Russian traditional living style is to have their own garden that also known as the basic facts about life in Russia. They also have a lot of healthy cuisine that easy to cook.

  • Yoga for burning calories and ease the mind

As we know that yoga is one of the popular sports in the world nowadays. The fact is that yoga is one of the easy and applicable sports to do in any place and circumstances. We can do the basic move everywhere, even when we are working. Other benefit of the yoga is that this kind of sport can burn much calories of the body, so it is the effective way in losing weight. Other beneficial that we can get is that we can ease our mind, so our health also become better.  It can be concluded that yoga is best for losing weight.

  • Fruit and Vegetables

Next on the list is to consume fruit and vegetables. It will give you a full feel on your stomach and also give you a good substance. Fruit and vegetable is contained with a lot of mineral and vitamin. So, by eating much fruit and vegetables, we will get the nutrient benefit for our body. for Russian, they usually consume salad and other cuisine that containing fruit, vegetable and dairy products. Those all ingredients are good for losing weight and keep the body healthy. So, it it not important whether you use best local cosmetics brand from Russia or not, as long as you keep your meal healthy, your body also become healthy and your beauty will maintained.

  • Cycling and walking

As we have talked before, that Russia is an active person, so they also has an active hobbies that we can copy. There are cycling and walking. By cycling, Russian can lose their weight in more fun way because while they are cycling, they can also looking around for the beautiful scenery, so it also give you a benefit of easing your mind. Other Russian hobby that beneficial for the losing weight program is to walking. They are known as people that love to walk around. They also prefer walking to go to the near place instead of take the car or public transportation. So, that they have a good body shape and posture.

  • Routine

Last thing is doing everything in routine manner. The key to get the best from all of the diet ways is to do all of the list routine. So, make sure you do it routine and continuously.

Those are some of the Diet Secret of Russian women for you to copy.

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