Best Gifts During International Women’s Day in Russia

perfume for russian womenWhat comes to your mind when you hear the word “gift”? Good items and you really want it. Everyone will definitely be happy when they receive a gift from someone they care about.

When there is a big celebration and has a special meaning, it will certainly be used to give a gift to someone who is meaningful, right?

This is what happened at the celebration of Women’s Day in Russia. The Russians celebrate the day by giving gifts to people who are very meaningful in their lives.

So what is the best gift during International Women’s Day in Russia?

There are many people in Russia who are celebrating International Women’s Day. People will enjoy their national holidays by spending time with the people closest to them. There are also those who chose to commemorate International Women’s Day by giving gifts. The gift given is a gift that is very liked by women.

Giving gifts in celebrations is not only done by men. Even women who receive gifts, can also give gifts to the people closest to them— mother, grandmother, daughter, aunt, friends, co-workers and others. In giving gifts, usually people will think about what the recipient likes. Some are asking friends about what the gift recipient like. Some people even ask directly.

In this article I will discuss about the best gift you can give during Russia’s International Women’s Day.


People tend to give expensive gifts to those closest to them such as their mothers, daughters, grandmothers or partners. One type of expensive gift is jewelry. Give jewelry to the woman he or she loves when International Women’s Day is a common thing to do. Who is not happy when getting a jewelry gift? Especially if the jewelry is a jewelry which she wanted for a long time.

Sparkling and beautiful jewelry will certainly please women when they receive the gift. Jewelry is an object that can support a woman’s appearance. It makes a woman look more elegant.


What about giving perfume? Is that included in the best gift?

In addition to giving jewelry, another common gift that is usually given during celebrating International Women’s Day is perfume. Giving perfume to someone may be included in the category where you need to ask directly to the person you will give the gift. Perfume is often the hallmark of someone who uses it. By asking directly what type of perfume that person likes, at least the perfume you give does not end in vain. The person who receives your gift of perfume could also use it with pleasure.


If the person you are about to give is the type of person who likes to make up, maybe you can give them cosmetics as a gift.

Giving that person cosmetics is also not random. You should ask the recipient directly about the type of cosmetics they use every day. The use of cosmetics on the skin must adjust the wearer’s skin type. If you buy the wrong type of cosmetics, it might actually add facial skin problems to the recipient of your gift.


Chocolate and candy are the best gifts after jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics. Giving chocolate and candy is a common gift given to women to celebrate International Women’s Day. While there may be some women who are sensitive when given chocolate and candies for reasoned it can make them fat. But, want to try? The sweetness of chocolate and candy can increase mood.


Giving flower gifts is the most common gift but is the most popular gift to be given in celebrating International Women’s Day. Types of flowers that can be given as a gift is usually spring flowers. However, there are also those who give roses. Roses are still a popular choice as a gift for a lover. Another popular spring flowers in this celebration are tulips and yellow mimosas.


For men who are married, taking over all household chores that are usually done by the wife, can be a choice of gifts that can be given when International Women’s Day. Men can take care of children for a full day, cook food for the family, wash dishes and clothes, clean the house and others. Women in the family can use it to rest for a full day.


A romantic dinner with a lover can be a gift option that can be given in celebration of International Women’s Day. A romantic dinner can also be made a gift by a husband to his wife. By creating a romantic atmosphere will certainly make a woman feel very loved by her partner. Please couples sometimes looks simple but it has a deep meaning. Those beautiful memories will be a woman’s memory for the rest of her life.


The easiest way of all to give an International Women’s Day celebration gift is to give a woman a gift card. It can be used to write gifts like what your gift recipient wants. Or you can give a woman a gift of money so she can buy what she likes if you think the wish list written by a woman will burden you.

And maybe there are many other types of gifts that can be given during celebrating Russia’s International Women’s Day. The thing to remember when giving a gift to someone is to make sure if the gift will not burden you financially. Buy a gift that suits your money capability. Don’t overdo things that will burden you. Even small gift can have deep meaning.

I hope this article can really help you to know about the best gift during Russia’s International Women’s Day. Which one do you like?

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